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Detroit Lions Interim coach Darrell Bevel said he felt helpless when he was looking at the team from home.

And the Lions looked helpless with a 47-7 defeat Tampa Bay Buccaneers..

Bevel returned from quarantine after close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, an exposure that made him the first head coach to miss the game due to a league protocol during a pandemic.

Bevel, who could not contact the team, watched the game from home.

“One of my daughters was there,” he said on Monday. “The rest of my family went to the game.”

He applauded. He shouted. He put his hands on his head.

“Emotions of all kinds,” Bevel said.

Persevering fans know that feeling.

Fortunately, Lions (5-10) hosted Minnesota (6-9) on Sunday, and the best they could do in the standings was to finish third in NFC North.

“No matter what the situation in the scenario, they are giving us the 16th game, another opportunity,” Bevel said. “This is our job, so I want to go play. We want to do our best. We play the way we can play, look for wins, and go out the way we want to go out. I want to be able to appear in

However, victory undermines Detroit’s position in the draft. There, you need to find an influx of talent to turn the franchise around with just one playoff win since winning the NFL title in 1957.

What is working

Professional bowler Jack Fox has the highest gross (49.4) and net average (45.1) punts in league history.

What you need help with

Former General Manager Bob Quinn Chase Daniel A $ 13 million three-year contract to improve the Detroit backup quarterback situation, but Daniel struggled to bail out Matthew Stafford, Leaving Saturday’s match with an ankle injury.

If Stafford can’t play the Vikings, Lions may want to see a second-year pro, David Brow.


Jamal Agnew. The special team’s ace returned a 74-yard punt for a touchdown, preventing Lions from shutting out for the second time this season. Since 2007, when Detroit drafted in the fifth round, he has led the league with five scores in punt and kick-off returns.

Reduce inventory

Lions signed a $ 2 million one-year contract with Safety Gyron Kierce in the off-season and cut him on Monday. He started 7 games (2 more than 4 years in Viking) and played 11 games. He had no pass cuts and only kept two passes.

Injured person

Stafford quickly rolled his right ankle against Tampa Bay and did not return. Detroit’s overall No. 1 in the 2009 draft isn’t going to be called the season after adding ankle illness to his banged ribs and thumbs.

“If I’m fine, I want to be there and play,” he said.

Key number

262-Detroit’s defense set a franchise record for allowed yards if Minnesota gave up at least that number, breaking the suspicious mark set by the unwinning team that allowed an attack of 6,470 yards in 2008. It was. Lions limited only one team to less than 363 yards and a victory two months ago to limit Jacksonville to 275. Detroit allows 413.9 yards per game, for a total of 6,208 yards.

Next step

Lions are looking for a general manager and coach. Former linebacker Chris Spielman, hired as a special assistant and interviewing these two job candidates, quit chatting with team president Rod Wood on the field before the match Saturday. I talked to the person.

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