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Detroit-John Brown’s phone rang around 6 am Pacific time.

It was his sister who reported the devastating news that his sister, Yolandra “Roni” Brown, died suddenly on August 31st.

An hour later, the same morning, he received a group message notification from his eldest son. Equanimeous St Brown, Telling his parents and two brothers a little more disappointing news. Green Bay Packers..

“I just want to let you know that I’ve been released,” Equanimeous sent a text message. “Don’t worry too much about me. I’m okay.”

It was also the 57th birthday of John’s wife, Miriam.

“It was the worst day of my life,” recalled John.

He couldn’t get out of bed for two days.

Eventually, John leans forward and prepares to travel to Lambo Field for Monday Night Football. Detroit Lions Face Packers (8:15 pm, Eastern Standard Time, ESPN).

The contest shows an unexpected competition for division within the family. Amon Racent Brown Being a promising newcomer to Lions while Equanimeous, who is currently signing the Green Bay practice team, is aiming to create an active NFL roster.

“It feels good, we’re proud of them,” said John Brown.

The game is also the culmination of Brown’s vision for his sons. This is because the previous two Universes and three Worlds prepared three boys (Equanimos, Osiris, and Amonla) for the national stage. When I was young.

“It’s going to be dope. It’s exciting,” Amon-Ra told ESPN. “Obviously, I hope my brother is on the active roster and can play against him, but nevertheless, after seeing him play in Green Bay for the past three years, I finally got the chance to play. .. Aaron Rodgers, The people I’ve seen for the rest of my life … Davante Adams, A great recipient, and opposition to my brother would be dope. “


Despite living nearly 300 miles apart and having different schedules for their respective teams, Amon-Ra and Equanimeous found time to form a bond during the training camp.

They often participated in video games such as Call of Duty and FIFA, and rarely talked about football or used their time to relax.

“Packers, their schedule is a bit different from Lions,” said Amonra. “He would have gone out earlier than us, as many days. He told me to ride, and I still have a meeting, so just a little bit like that. That’s it. “

Equanimeous grew football when news of the Lions practice fight was transmitted to Green Bay via social media.On the first day of Lions padded practice, an open-field blocking drill played Amonra against fellow rookie cornerbacks during a special team. Iffair Tomerifon Woo.. Neither refused to retreat, the action got hot and the punch finally flew.

“You need to stand up for yourself,” Equanimeous said. “Some coaches don’t mind fighting, some coaches don’t like it, but it’s football. It’s a physical sport. S — It happens. Because he’s my brother , I know he’s not going back from nothing. “

Growing up in the same family in Orange County, California, Equanimeous and his middle brother, Osiris, a former recipient of Stanford University, dominated the young Amon-Ra in all sports.

“Such things have always stimulated his competitiveness,” Osiris said of Amonra. “I feel like I’m always around us. We’re always getting older and stronger, so he’s always pushing hard to catch up with us, lifting, basketball, etc. I had to. “

Fight for respect

Two days after his NFL debut San Francisco 49ers, Amon-Ra took advantage of his holidays to explore downtown Detroit with his parents and girlfriends who visited.

“It felt like another preseason game, just more fans,” Amonra said of the first week’s defeat.

Lions appreciate Amonra.He was targeted by quarterbacks Jared Goff I caught two passes at 23 yards four times against the Forty-niners, which could change in the second week.

“See, Amonra [St. Brown] It did a good job, but it was Amon La’s first NFL football game against a very good team, good defense, “said Lions coach Dan Campbell. “So he’s no different than everyone else. It’s what he builds. I thought he was really competing. I thought he fought. He cleaned up in the game. There are so many details to have to do. [Quintez] So is Sephas, and so are all of them. “

The situation is different for Equanimeous in Green Bay. He has been on the practice team after being on the team for the last three seasons. Equanimeous must be seen from above on the sidelines or booth while Amonra is in the field on Monday night.

“Every day, it’s a reminder,” said Equanimeous. “Every time I go to the locker, I’m in a different place, so I have to prove myself and work harder. All I can do is throw the ball until they give me another chance.”

Also, reaching the NFL was a lifelong passion for the brothers, but it reminds Amon-Ra that football is also a job.

“I was also angry when that happened, but it’s a next level of business, and next year they will either draft someone, pick someone up, or trade. Will always find someone to replace me. Someone, “Amonra said.

“In any case, we are the winners.”

Detroit (0-1) has a great opportunity to bring the seemingly vulnerable Green Bay team two consecutive losses. Packers haven’t started 0-2 since 2006. this is, New England Patriots..

Green Bay lost 38-3 New Orleans Saints In the first week, active MVP Rodgers has won seven consecutive Monday Night Football games as a starter.

The Lions have dropped into Green Bay for the fourth time in a row, but there are a few new fans cheering with the youngest of the St. Brown brothers who are currently in the mix.

“It’s clear to me. I’m rooting for the Detroit Lions. There’s no question about that,” Miriam said with a laugh. “because [Amon-Ra] Is playing and the other is not playing. It’s easy. “

“In any case, we are the winners,” John added.

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Lions-Packers Monday Night Football Match, St. Browns Family Relationships-NFL Nation Lions-Packers Monday Night Football Match, St. Browns Family Relationships-NFL Nation

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