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List of camera features in Google Pixel 6 leaked

It’s undeniable that Google is very enthusiastic about its future. Google Pixel 6 duo.society Revealed device A few months before it plans to release it, and it has Already advertised Even before the Pixel 6 reveals many of its specs and features. XDA-Developer We’ve published a list of features you can expect from the Pixel 6 Duo, but first let’s take a look at the camera hardware.

Most of what we know about Pixel 6 and 6 Pro cameras is the hardware side. The Pixel 6 will feature a 50MP Samsung GN1 main sensor and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. The Pixel 6 Pro will include the 48MP 4X telephoto periscope zoom camera, plus the latter two. The Pixel 6 Pro will show you an updated 12MP selfie camera.

Google’s new Pixel smartphone leverages unique image processing to enable new software features and improve image quality. XDA We were able to discover some of these new features that weren’t previously seen on Pixel devices. These features are discovered through leaked internal builds of the Google Camera app (and from private sources) and may or may not reach the final retail unit.

  • Wide-angle front camera: Code evidence shows that the Pixel 6 Pro (not the Pixel 6) has an ultra-wide-angle lens.according to XDA, “Our sources have confirmed that the Pixel 6 Pro selfie camera offers two predefined zoom levels: 0.7X and 1.0X.”
  • Recording: The main camera supports 4K video @ 60fps, while ultra-wide-angle and telephoto cameras are limited to 4K @ 30fps. Also, the maximum zoom level when recording at 4K / 60fps is 7x. On the other hand, recording at 4K or FHD @ 60fps allows up to 20x zoom. The same applies to still images.
  • Manual white balance: Google is working on adding this feature, but it may not be ready yet. XDA I’m guessing this is just a developer feature that resonates with Google’s philosophy of keeping the camera app as simple as possible.
  • Magic eraser:The code named “Switzerland” is associated with a feature called the magic eraser. This function is for the Pixel 6 series and may be accelerated by the TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) of the Tensor Chip. It is speculated that you can easily remove objects and people from images.
  • Blurred face: This is a feature confirmed by Google. It works by capturing HDR frames from the main camera and at the same time using an ultra-wide camera to capture additional frames for the subject. The TPU then processes the details from both cameras to remove the facial blur that may have been captured while in motion.
  • Sean Rock: This feature was recently associated with the codename “naruto”. Sean Rock may be related to AF / AE Lock, but the purpose is not yet clear.
  • Bluetooth microphone support: Codenamed the feature: “Sapphire” and the code suggest that the feature is coming, XDASources could not support it.
  • Motion blur: The new feature suggests that users will be able to add “creative blur effects to their photos” according to their code.
  • “Nima’s Aesthetics: If Motion Photo is enabled, it seems to be related to Google’s “Top Shot” feature. This feature seems to be accelerated by Tensor’s TPU.
  • Baby mode: This could be an auto-capture feature that recognizes and captures cute moments when your baby or toddler is playing or moving around a lot.

Again, these features may or may not be built into the final Pixel 6 hardware.Check it out completely XDA Create a report to see the complete breakdown of each of these features and the lines of code found.


List of camera features in Google Pixel 6 leaked List of camera features in Google Pixel 6 leaked

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