List of Outfits and Unlockable Outfits-Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Wiki Guide

image name How to unlock Champions tunic Complete the besieged road home. (C3) Outfit2.jpg Hyrian food Completely free the Coroc forest. (C3) Outfit3.jpg Hyrian Tunic Completely free the Coroc forest. (C3) Outfit4.jpg Hyrian trousers Completely free the Coroc forest. (C3) Outfit5.jpg Soldier helmet You can use it from the beginning. Outfit6.jpg Soldiers Armor You can use it from the beginning. Outfit7.jpg Soldiers Greaves You can use it from the beginning. Outfit8.jpg Amber earrings ?? Outfit9.jpg Warm doublet ?? Outfit10.jpg Ruby circlet Complete Eldin’s desired quest. (Position) Outfit11.jpg Snow kill headdress Complete the rioting strong wind challenge. (C3) Outfit12.jpg Snow kill tunic Complete the Talon Topeak White Bird quest. (C5) Outfit13.jpg Snow kill pants Complete Revali, the warrior of Rito. (C2) Outfit14.jpg Sapphire circlet Complete the desired quest in Lanile. (Position) Outfit15.jpg Desert Vaux Headband Complete the Leave None Behind challenge. (C3) Outfit16.jpg Desert Voss Paulder Complete Gerudo’s Chief Urbosa. (C2) Outfit17.jpg Desert Vor pants Complete the colorful Karakara Bazaar quest. (C3) Outfit18.jpg Gerdvale ?? Outfit19.jpg Geld top ?? Outfit20.jpg Gerudo Sirwal ?? Outfit21.jpg Topaz earrings ?? Outfit22.jpg Rubber helm Complete the Shocking Design Choice Quest. (C2) Outfit23.jpg Rubber armor Complete the so-called Night Challenge. (C5) Outfit24.jpg Rubber tights Complete Fallon’s desired quest. (Position) Outfit25.jpg Frame breaker helm Fighting Fire With … Complete the quest. (C5) Outfit26.jpg Frame breaker armor Clear Goron Hero, DARC. (C2) Outfit27.jpg Frame breaker boots Complete the Gorons quest Tough Bulwark. (C3) Outfit28.jpg Opal earrings Complete the desired quest in Central Hyrule. (Position) Outfit29.jpg Zorahelm Complete Zora Hime Mifa. (C2) Outfit30.jpg Zora Armor ?? Outfit31.jpg Zora Gleeve Who do you want to complete your armor for? quest. (C6) Outfit32.jpg Stealth mask ?? Outfit33.jpg Stealth chest guard Complete the secret quest for village training. (C3) Outfit34.jpg Stealth tights Complete the desired quest for Akkala. (Position) Outfit35.jpg Thunder Helm Complete Gerd’s Hope Quest. (Position) Outfit36.jpg Climber bandana Complete the Mountain Rescue Challenge. (C3) Outfit37.jpg Climbing equipment Complete the desired quest for Nekurda. (Position) Outfit38.jpg Climbing shoes ?? Outfit39.jpg Barbaric helmet Complete the Anti-Elemental Training Challenge. (C5) Outfit40.jpg Barbaric armor ?? Outfit41.jpg Barbarian leg wrap ?? Outfit42.jpg Radiant mask ?? Outfit43.jpg Radiant shirt ?? Outfit44.jpg Radiant tights ?? Outfit45.jpg Diamond circlet ?? Outfit46.jpg Sand boots ?? Outfit47.jpg Snow boots, boots for snow Complete the Hebra Hope Quest. (Position) Outfit48.jpg Bokoblin mask Complete rumors about Skull Lake Quest. (C4) Outfit49.jpg Moblin mask Complete the Cold Desert Night Quest. (C6) Outfit50.jpg Rizalfoss mask ?? Outfit51.jpg Liner mask ?? Outfit52.jpg Dark hood Complete the Suspicious Escort Mission Quest. (C6) Outfit53.jpg Dark tunic ?? Outfit54.jpg Dark trousers Complete the Fire Hazard Challenge. (C6) Outfit55.jpg Wild hat ?? Outfit56.jpg Wild tunic ?? Outfit57.jpg Wild trousers ?? Outfit58.jpg Hyrule Warriors Hat Complete all Hyrule Quest hopes. (Position) Outfit59.jpg Hyrule Warriors Tunic Complete all Hyrule Quest hopes. (Position) Outfit60.jpg Hyrule Warriors trousers Complete all Hyrule Quest hopes. (Position) Outfit61.jpg Royal guard cap ?? Outfit62.jpg Royal guard uniform ?? Outfit63.jpg Royal guard boots ??


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