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Many suits can create several missions in the main story, and as Spider-Man’s level goes up, more suits will be unlocked. Some suits can only be unlocked by meeting certain requirements or by unlocking the secret.

Many of these suits also unlock suit mods. This is a passive bonus that can be applied regardless of the suit you are using. When unlocked, Suit pr Visor Mod can be used with all suits that have already been unlocked..

To make a suit, you will need a combination of different tokens found by completing different tasks throughout the city.

  • Activity token -Stop crime, find time capsules, complete side missions and activities, and complete activities wherever you are in the city. To earn bonus tokens, complete the crime sub-goals for each crime type.
  • Technology token -Find hidden underground caches in the city and find them at enemy bases.

Spider-Man List: Mile Morales Suit

Video: All 19 suits on display

See the list below for known suits, the cost of creating them, how to unlock them, and what they look like, or click on the suit name directly on that suit. Please jump.

Sportswear suit


  • Suit mod unlock: Not applicable
  • Unlock requirements: Default costume

He is Spider-Man’s default suit to start the game and has some serious budget atmosphere. It features a hoodie with a blue blowfish jacket, fingerless gloves and athletic pants.

Given that this is the first suit you started with, it has no special power.

Large liability proceedings

  • Suit mod unlock: Not applicable
  • Unlock requirements: Complete the mission-a gift of farewell

An unruly spider suit from Peter Parker to Miles Morales. This non-conforming suit is reminiscent of the original classic suit before Spider-Man made an advanced suit with white trimming.

The suit is named after its famous Ben Parker line- “great power comes with great responsibility”.

Homemade suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Power pitcher
  • Unlock requirements: Reach level 5, 8 activity tokens, 1 tech part

As the name implies, homemade suits are very DIY spider suits, even better than sportswear suits, featuring a black mask with goggles and a rush-designed logo on top of a sweater.

Suit mods can be used to deal more damage to thrown objects, especially early in the game, where the damage output can be significantly increased.

Truck suit

  • Visor Mod unlock: Untraceable
  • Unlock requirements: Reach level 6, 10 activity tokens, 1 tech part

Also known as the Time Response Activate Circuit Kinetic Suit, the track suit is a unique design by comic artist Javier Gallon. This is almost the opposite of the classic look, mostly replacing the black color with white.

Visor mods reduce the damage caused by ranged attacks. This is the perfect defense tool while you’re used to dodging guns.

Animated suit

  • Suit mod unlock: More powerful web
  • Unlock requirements: Reach level 7, 20 activity tokens, 1 technical part

Like the first Spider-Man animated suit, this suit also has a stylish cell shade look based on many of Miles’ designs in various cartoons and shows. Move at normal speed, not to be confused with the Into the Spider-verse suit.

Suitmod’s Stronger Webs give you more time to temporarily stun a group of fighters and prevent them from attacking or attacking your surroundings. This is very important to give room for a big brawl.

Brooklyn Vision Academy Suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Trick master
  • Unlock requirements: Reach level 8 and 12 activity tokens, one technical part

The Brooklyn Vision Academy suit is an improvement over Miles’ classic suit, with a school jacket and backpack on top of the existing suit. For an era when crime does not stop even if you are late for class.

With Suitmod’s Trickmaster, you can earn Venom even faster by performing air tricks during the fall. Not very suitable for combat, but great for switching missions and crimes if you need to fill multiple poison bars.

Crimson Cowl Suit

  • Visor Mod unlock: Ghost strike
  • Unlock requirements: Reach level 9, 14 activity tokens, 2 technical parts

The Crimson Cowl is a bright red hooded suit, partly inspired by the superhero Crimson Cowl (the first Justin Hammer to appear in Thunderbolt), which is the origin of its name.

With mod Ghost Strike, you don’t have to be close and use slow takedowns, and you can quickly take down web strikes within range without alerting nearby enemies.

Strike suit

  • Visor Mod unlock: Poison overclocking
  • Unlock requirements: Reach level 10, 16 activity tokens, 2 techpoints

The proceedings interpret Miles as an agent for Strike. Strikes correspond to the United Kingdom’s US shield. It features a more armored look with a powered gauntlet.

Venom Overclock mods are most often used when things are tough because they increase Venom Power regeneration when you’re weak. Returning Venom faster against tough bosses and encounters can make all the difference.

End suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Stable focus
  • Unlock requirements: Reach level 11, 16 activity tokens, 2 technical parts

The end suit has a sturdy, urban minimalist look, with camouflage pants and an open hooded sweater.

The suit mod Steady Focus slows the rate at which Camo ejects when not in motion. Stealth situations are useful when you take the time to investigate the situation and wait for someone to move. You have more chances to attack while hiding.

Miles Morales 2099 Suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Poison suppression resistance
  • Unlock requirements: Reach level 12 and 14 activity tokens and 3 technical parts

Based on the Spider-Man 2099 comic series, this suit features a sophisticated futuristic spider design with a small hood and sparkling blue-white eyes on the front.

Unlocked mods are a great defense tool when fighting the Roxon army. If you throw a suppression grenade and attack that limits your ability to use Venom Attack, this mod will mitigate its effect and you can use camouflage to heal yourself instantly.

For Spider-Verse suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Poetry vibes, Bam! POW! Wham!
  • Unlock requirements: Reach level 13, 18 activity tokens, 4 technical parts

Made to resemble the miles of uniforms worn in animated films: Spider-Man: Spider-Birth features a spray-painted design and a flat look of a curious cell shade.

The suit and visor mods unlocked in this suit are just a look and allow Miles to move and act like a cartoon character in a particular motion design in the movie-lowering his frame rate. , Will be more prominent against other worlds. Attacking the enemy also gives off the sound of a cosmetic battle like a true comic book.

Classic suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Zap slap
  • Unlock requirements: Unlocked after completing the Mission Time to Rally

This suit is Miles’ most iconic black and red design, which sets it apart from Harlem and his people as Spider-Man protectors Peter Parker.

Suitmods are great for fighting underground thugs because they generate greater shockwave power when breaking weapons in melee attacks or by grabbing and throwing weapons.

Uptown pride suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Not applicable
  • Unlock requirements: Complete all FNSM app activities

By completing all the little activities given to you around Manhattan, people show their appreciation by giving you a modified classic suit with gold trim instead of the red one.

Winter suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Not applicable
  • Unlock requirements: Complete side missions we got the lead

Another variation of the classic suit, this suit features additional accessories such as a striped hat, ears, arms and leg warmers that a friend gave Miles. It also has a scarf that moves around when swinging and fighting.

Miles Morales 2020 Suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Not applicable
  • Unlock requirements: Complete all Spider Training Challenges and Final Test Side Missions

By completing all the hologram challenges Peter Parker left for you, Miles can unlock a futuristic design with a helmet and LED chest pattern that incorporates a Daftpunk-like LED display and audio jack headphones. I will.

Programmable matter suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Not applicable
  • Unlock requirements: Complete all underground hideouts and Roxon Labs, and Matter Upside missions

After removing all Roxxon Lab and Underground Hideout challenges, you’ll get clues to complete a quick mission to turn a Miles suit into a changing material suit using the same technology used in The Tinkerer. You can. It also features a special takedown with extendable legs, like the Iron Spider outfit.

Purple rain suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Reclaimer
  • Unlock requirements: Complete all sound samples and return to the first side mission

Once you’ve found all of Aaron Davis’ sound samples throughout Manhattan, complete a quick side mission to unlock the Prowler-style take in your spider suit. There is also a purple and green color style and a small green claw on the tip of Spider-Man. finger.

Bodega catsuit

  • Suit mod unlock: Not applicable
  • Unlock requirements: Complete the main story and side missions in Cat’s Pajamas

After winning the game, make sure you have completed the quest to meet the cat Spider-Man for the first time. You will be asked to return to spin the cat in this suit. This is basically a homemade suit mod with a backpack that allows the cat Spider-Man to pop out and pop out as he pleases. In combat, he may also appear during certain takedowns to scratch enemies.

Spider training suit

  • Suit mod unlock: Not applicable
  • Unlock requirements: Start new game +, 20 activity tokens, 1 tech part

This suit will only be available for purchase in the new game + version of the game, so you must win the game first. You’ll then have access to this simple suit featuring Peter Parker’s college T-shirt rented to Miles.


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