Litson, Ponce gains weight »June 11, 2021 – Boxing Sports

Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Luis Littson 139.8 vs. Jeremiah Ponce 139.7
(IBF Junior Welter Weight Eliminator)

Thomas Spatrick Word 128.75 vs Eddie Valencia Melcard 126.8
Allen Babich 209 vs Damium Chambers 198.75
Cyrus Pattinson 151.3 vs. Yoncho Markov 152.7
Solomon Dacres 225 vs Alvaro Telero 215
April Hunter 152.25 vs. Claudia Vee 149.3

Venue: Vertu Arena, Newcastle, England
Promoter: Matchroom
TV: DAZN, Sky Sports

Suzuki derails Nagata and wins Japan’s 140-pound belt

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Litson, Ponce gains weight »June 11, 2021 Litson, Ponce gains weight »June 11, 2021

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