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“It was a dark and stormy night … No, it wasn’t. When I sat down to play Supermassive’s latest installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology, the wind was dented and the rain hit the window. I was able to enjoy the eerie story with the lights off, the surround sound on, and the perfect conditions for my friends to play the game in Movie Night mode.

This time, we’ll head to the dark forest with the town of Little Hope, an abandoned settlement with a dark past. A bus accident caused a college professor and his four students to get stuck on a dark road to the town, swirling fog and moving them forward. It’s a classic horror setting very similar to Silent Hill, but with a fair amount of Blair Witch Project and Cabin in the Woods. I don’t want to spoil the story, but it’s enough to say that hitting the Salem Witch Trials might help – Season 1 of the “uncovered” podcast is a good way to listen.

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Characters you can control are Taylor (Katelyn Sponheimer), Daniel (Kyle Bailey), Angela (Eren Yeager), Professor John (Alex Ivanovich), and Hollywood star Will Poulter. The cast of Man of Medan turned out to be awkward and very difficult to relate to. The LittleHope team is quirky and rough, but most of the time it behaves like a normal, likable person and you support them all. Survive.

In front of them .. things. To be honest, like most horror games and movies, it’s really best to join the game without knowing anything about it. Thankfully, the trailer doesn’t ruin the plot, and there’s a really nice twist at the end. This is different from Medan. , I didn’t see it coming.

Jump scare and things hit each other at night, but the sound design is great in that squeaks and howls put the player on the edge. Movie night mode is especially effective. Talking to your friends to solve the mystery is a great idea, but if you don’t have a friend sitting next to you to enjoy the horror, you can also play online.

When I reviewed the Man of Medan, I had a lot of criticism. One of them was that the story started very late. Little Hope quickly fixed with a shadowy figure and many brutal deaths. In fact, Little Hope is improving the Man of Medan in almost every way. The PS4 Pro is fast paced, has a more stable frame rate, and there are few annoying loading screens that broke tension in the first game. Writing can still be done with a little more tweaking-our five protagonists still accept that something supernatural is going too easily-but this time admits the horror movie metaphor. I will. When John proposes to split the team, Taylor quickly points out that the movie never ends well.

However, nothing has changed regarding the actual playing method. I often walk around exploring forests and corrupt buildings with a flashlight, always picking up clues about what’s going on. As before, photos and postcards give you a glimpse of premonitions, possible dangers ahead, as well as sections where you need to hide and tap buttons to match your heart rate, in your action sequence. The quick time event returns. These are much more forgiving than the first game and are less likely to die instantly.

Also back is Pip Torrance, a mysterious curator who criticizes your progress and may provide hints in one word from a well-known book. As the game progresses, you can learn a little more about him with clues about who he is. When the anthology is over, I feel there is a lot of exposure. Torrens plays him with a delicious gust, an eyebrow, or a smile that hints at what’s to come. He is one of my favorite characters found in video games. Keep an eye on him the first time you meet him, as the bullying of the next two games of the anthology is in the blink of an eye.

Little Hope is a surprisingly good looking game, sometimes with photorealistic touches. Graphic fidelity, ambiguous camera angles, and anamorphic formats put your rights in the midst of horror movies. It said it wasn’t a festival of exhaustive horror. There are jump scares and gussets like the nightmare on Elm Street, but instead of always standing on the edge every 5 minutes and checking for ghosts behind the couch, you’ll soon have a good giggle.

The playthrough lasts about 7 hours and is long enough to split into two nights. As before, you can play online with your friends or, if you have the courage, play alone. There are many collectibles and secrets you can discover when playing repeatedly. I could hardly find one-fifth of them on the first move and thought it was thorough. It also requires multiple plays to reveal the entire story. Once you have the knowledge of what is happening, you can have another experience. It also unlocks the curator’s cut after the first completion, providing a slightly different version of the story in the new scene.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Review

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