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WWE smack down Tonight (October 8, 2021), we’ll be back in our lives with a show from the Sap Center in San Jose, California. Coronation jewel Pay-per-view later this month.

Tonight’s episode includes several first-round matches in the King of the Ring and Queen’s Crown tournaments. Sami Zain is looking for a promising start in a tournament where he has no chance of winning when fighting Rey Mysterio. Liv Morgan seeks to gain a measure of revenge on Carmella by knocking out Carmella from the first round.

Also on the card: We plan to sign contracts between Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks. smack down Women’s Championship Match Coronation jewel Official.

Please come back here at 8 pm (Eastern Time). smack down When the show starts with FOX, the live blog starts. Here it is below this line. (Note: GIFs and photos are not allowed in the comments section. Violators are prohibited.)

WWE smack down October results and live blog. 8

I got lost many times and got caught up in the maze, and I was dazzled by the light. Now I forget how to fight and feel like a wolf frozen in the haze. I was a hungry mean beast, I’m never happy. I’m always looking for the next feast, and I think I need to live blog a wrestling show here.

The show begins with Bianca Bereal entering the ring. There, five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce and Sonya Devil already have a set of contract signs.

There are also Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, the former sitting at the aisle table and the latter standing on the announcement desk.

Becky talks about how the rewards come, and Sasha asks if she missed her or if she’s jealous of her spotlight being bigger than the combination of the two. Berea says the only thing Lynch has done in SummerSlam is to gain momentum and be lucky. She calls both because she’s ready now and doesn’t want to join the ring.

The man flips the table, advances her, and leaves an opening for the boss to attack Bianca from behind! The jockeys trample before entering each other and Berea goes under both for KOD, but Banks slides down and hits her with Becky, hitting KOD through the table that was in Sasha and the ring!

At the end of the interview, you can see Rey Mysterio talking to his son Dominique in a gorilla.

He says being the King of the Ring is the second best thing to do to become the Universal Championship, and if Sami Zain becomes king, he will get sick. Dom says he intends to sit down and look.

Ray makes his entrance to send us to a break.

Returning from the commercial, Sami Zain is a demon who appears in a gorilla and rides on Dominic’s shoulder, says he’s making the right decision, and thinks he’s better than his father.

Rey Mysterio vs. Sami Zain (King of the Ring Round 1 Match)

Zein, Tiheras, who feels stiff and heavy, with an early approach from the Powerbomb, puts him on the rope, but he runs away! Remove Mysterio from the rope and throw Condiro into Frankensteiner on the floor! Go back inside and dive splash … no! Sami hits him a lot, Ray hurts on the floor, and Dominique comes down when we go for a break.

Returning from the commercial, Zein lined him up, but Mysterio opposes Hellbakick at Frankensteiner for two! Yoshitonic will follow it up, but it’s still close! At the turnbuckle, competing for position, Ray hits the avalanche Frankensteiner … no! Springboard Crossbody, Nobody at Home, Blue Thunder Driver Opposed Frankensteiner!

A dropkick sets up Sami, he runs away and the Blue Thunder driver hits … but Rey Mysterio can’t keep it down! Zain removes the turnbuckle pad and Dom puts it back, but Ray distracts and asks him what he’s doing here, Sami thinks fast …

Sami Zain wins a pinfall with a schoolboy’s pin.

After the match, Sami tries the cape and crown and dances to the King of the Ring throne.

You can see Seth Rollins preparing for an interview to send us to a break.

I came back from the commercial and got a hit low vignette.

Followed by a video package that recaps Edge vs. Seth Rollins.

Seth is interviewed behind the scenes.

He says the general story is about entering Edge’s house and crossing the line, but consider his point of view. He was shy and ridiculed, but still defeated the edge of Madison Square Garden in a legally sanctioned match, is he celebrating it? No, he is called a monster and is demonized.

Okay, let’s throw the double standard out the window, he’s still a big guy. He only did what the sane person did when he couldn’t get an answer, and he went to his house to find his answer. I don’t know why he’s talking to someone who has no power to do anything about this, so he’s going to find someone who can.

When Zelina Vega wins the Queen’s crown, she receives an inset promotion saying that she will rule with different traits from different historical rulers and let us kiss her ring. (Well, if you insist, your wife.)

Toni Storm vs. Jelina Vega (Queens Crown First Round Match)

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Live blog: King of the Ring kicks off as a result of WWE SmackDown Live blog: King of the Ring kicks off as a result of WWE SmackDown

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