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Live cattle futures fall ahead of direct trading

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Live cattle futures fall ahead of direct trading

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange had a small number of live cattle, a mix of feeders observing corn and waiting for direct business development. December raw cattle closed at $ 135.87, down $ 1.05, and February raw cattle closed at $ 137.90, down $ 1.40. January feeder cows closed at $ 164.85, down $ .87, and March feeder cows closed at $ 166.50, down $ .05.

It was a quiet Tuesday for direct cash cow trading activities. The bid surfaced live in the South for $ 138. The suggested price was $ 143 to $ 145, living in the south, but not established in the north. Significant trading volumes can occur later in the week.

The Callaway Livestock Center in Missouri offered far more steers weighing 450 to 650 pounds, $ 8 to $ 12 higher and spots $ 15 higher than last week. Few yearlings weighed over 650 pounds. Feeder heifers weighing 450-600 pounds have consistently risen by $ 5. Yearlings over £ 650 were lightly tested. USDA states that there is a very good offer of high quality weaned steers, all of which have been sold in very active markets and have reached very high price levels. Demand for modest products was good. Heifers were sold in moderate to good demand. Receipts have decreased weekly and yearly. The feeder supply included 62% steers and 37% of the offerings were over £ 600. Medium and large 1 feeder steer £ 500-537 was $ 180-191 and feeder steer £ 603-644 was $ 161.25- $ 176.75. Medium and large 1-feeder heifers £ 450-496 were $ 153-159.50 and £ 671 feeder heifers were $ 150.50.

Boxed beef has declined significantly due to low demand for large quantities of products. The choice was $ 5.90 lower at $ 271.68 and the choice was $ 1.73 lower at $ 260.29. The selection / selection spread was $ 11.39. Estimated cattle slaughter is 122,000, even weekly and yearly.

Most pork lean futures were low and rewound spreads with additional pressure from the wider market. December lean meat closed at $ 73.37, up $ .97, and February lean meat closed at $ 79.97, down $ .95.

Cashhog closed with strong negotiations and closed at a high price. On Tuesday the processor had to work harder to move the desired number. The availability of pigs on the market continues to be the focus of attention. Demand for US pork in the global market remains strong and the industry expects it to continue, but long-term demand concerns are putting pressure on prices. National Daily Direct wheelbarrows and gold coins closed at $ 1.45 higher, with a base range of $ 53 to $ 60 and a weighted average of $ 56.60. The weighted average for both Iowa / Minnesota and the Western Corn Belt was $ 58.06. Due to confidentiality, the price of the Eastern Corn Belt has not been reported.

Butcher pigs in the Midwestern cash market are $ 3 higher at $ 62. In Illinois, the price of slaughtered sows is stable, with modest demand for large quantities of $ 62 to $ 72, and pushers and sows with modest demand for $ 32 to $ 39. It was stable at, and wild boars ranged from $ 15 to $ 25 and $ 10 to $ 15.

The value of pork has dropped, dropping $ 1.01 to $ 86.70. Ham, loin and picnics were low. Ribs, bats and berries were all expensive. The estimated slaughter of pigs is 480,000, a weekly decrease of 8,000 and an annual decrease of 8,000.

Live cattle futures fall ahead of direct trading Live cattle futures fall ahead of direct trading

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