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Live: Center Farmers Union Round 7 Begins in Delhi

Federal Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Piyush Goyal, Som Parkash, Government Officials and Peasant Representatives | Photo: @ANI

Peasant Protest LIVE Updates Day 40: The day before the important seventh round of talks between the Center and the protesting farmers’ union, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar met with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday to implement a government strategy to quickly resolve the current crisis. Discussed about.

Farmers who have been camping on the Delhi border for the past 39 days and have bravely faced the frosty cold and now the rain have two main demands: the abolition of three new farming methods and legal support for minimum aid prices. ) May intensify the protest. (MSP)-Not accepted by the government at today’s conference.

Thousands of farmers are protesting at various borders More than a month of capital requiring the abolition of the Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Price Guarantee and Agricultural Services Act, the Farmers Production Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Promotion) Act, and the Necessities (Amendment) Act.

The government, enacted in September 2020, presented these laws as major land reforms with the aim of increasing farmers’ incomes, but protesting farmers said these laws would bring MSP and the Mandy system. He expressed concern that he might be weakened and at the mercy of large companies.

The government argued that these concerns were irrelevant and ruled out the abolition of the law.

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Live: Center Farmers Union Round 7 Begins in Delhi Live: Center Farmers Union Round 7 Begins in Delhi

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