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WWE NXT 2.0 Results – October 5, 2021

– Tonight’s WWE NXT 2.0 episode will be released to USA Network in a video package promoting the deadly 4-way of tonight’s NXT Tag Team title. Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, Vic Joseph welcomes us and promotes the Fatal 4Way, originally announced as an eight-person tag match. Vic is ringside with Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Mandy Rose vs Ember Moon

We soon go to the ring and the first toxic attraction comes out – Mandy Rose with Gigi Dolin and Jacey Jane. Next is Ember Moon, introduced by Alicia Taylor.

The bell rings and they go to it. Rose applies headlocks and they swap holds. The moon first drops a rose in the middle of the ring. Rose comes back and shakes Moon on her face with her right hand and talks about the trash. The ferocious moon counterattacks and unloads, as fans chant duels. Moon turns Rose upside down in the corner and works on her. As the fans boo, Drin and Jane safely pull Rose. Moon ran a rope for a suicide dive, and when Jane dived for Rose, she landed hard on Jane at the ringside and sought a big pop.

The moon grabs Rose and power bombs her at the edge of the apron. The moon goes and pushes Drin into the ramp as Drin tends towards Jane. The moon is back, but Rose uses her to level. Rose with a large overhead suplex of 2 counts. Rose is now working across the moon in the corner. Rose now defeats Moon with body scissors.

Fans chant duels as Rose now applies abdominal stretches. The moon is finally free and slams Rose against the mat. A moon with a discus forearm, and an engineer to bring Rose back straight down. The moon goes up and offers a double knee.

Moon launches another attack and returns to the top of the eclipse, but she needs to roll through. Rose will soon be back with big boots to knock off Moon’s head. A rose cover for the pin to win.

Winner: Mandy Rose

– After the match, Rose gets taller while the music hits and the fans boo. Dolin and Jayne join Rose in the middle of the ring when going to replay. Booing continues while the toxic charm stands high together.

– Announcer talks about WWE draft hitrows (NXT North American champions Isaiah “Swerb” Scott, “B-Fab” Brianna Brandy, “Topdora” AJ Francis, Ashante “Sea” Adonis) being sent to SmackDown .. Go to the vignettes of Santos Escobar, Electra Lopez, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wild in Legard del Fantasma. They each take a shot at HitRow, and Escobar challenges Swerve to put the NXT North American Championship on the line, asking what he is.

Odyssey Jones vs LA Knight

Back in the ring, Odyssey Jones pops. Return to commercial.

Returning from the break, LA Knights mostly boo from the crowd. Knight poses in the corner and has some words that Jones is looking at. When the fans say “Odyssey!”, The bell rings and the knight stalls. To him.

Knight dodges one attack, dodges another, and decks and shows off Jones. Jones makes a mistake in the corner again, attacks Jones, and shows off again. Jones now catches Knight, hits him in the corner, and fires him twice across the ring for a big pop. Knight goes to the floor to take a break, followed by Jones. Knight first re-enters the ring and charges, but Jones easily drops him on his shoulder. Jones charges, but Knight sends Jones first to the turnbuckle and defeats him while the fans are booing.

When the referee warns him, Knight uses the middle rope to hold Jones down. A knight with Hainey running from the apron. Knight takes it home, drops two counts on his big elbow, and covers two counts. More back and forth. Jones dodges the big guys and Knight lands hard. Jones is now launching an attack as fans are rooting for him. Jones with a gut buster in the middle of the ring.

Andre Chase hits the ring and yells at Jones from the apron as the fans boo. Jones slammed him on the floor with his right hand. Knight uses a distraction to drop Jones with a cutter finisher for Pin to win, and Chase keeps Jones’ feet away from the rope below.

Winner: LA Knight

– After the match, Knight gets taller as the music hits. When Jones looks down at him, Chase looks down from the entrance.

– Mackenzie Mitchell is behind the scenes of Cameron Grimes. Grimes is a little jealous of all the love that surrounds NXT these days, especially Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis, in addition to Coke Jade and Tray Baxter. That is why he is looking for his own love. Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland cut in. Dan says the woman who touches Grimes is not alive. Dan says a lot of change is happening in NXT, but he’s still the worst guy on the planet. The Netherlands is threatening to teach Grimes a lesson tonight. Grimes doesn’t care about them, he walks to the two women and asks if they are single while they are talking.

– Back in the ring, NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa pops. Return to commercial.

Returning from the break, Kyle O’Reilly approached von Wagner in the locker room and asked why he helped him for two weeks in a row. Wagner says he found a chance and jumped at it. He doesn’t like Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland as much as O’Reilly. Wagner says he respects O’Reilly. O’Reilly says he’s had a tough year and now no one trusts him, but he knows where Wagner came from, but he also wants Wagner to handle his business and stay out of the way. I am thinking. O’Reilly goes away. Returning to the ring, the champa has a microphone.

Champa wants to get the point straight. He announced that Halloween Havoc returned on October 26th and needed an opponent. Champa goes on to talk about how action means all of this new world of NXT, he knows the roster is now full of hungry competitors. He claims that one man is not a patient man and wants to be a cheerful and dandy standard-bearer for Champa. He asks who has a ball big enough to try to win his title. The music is interrupted and a bron breaker comes out.

Breaker says he’s treated Champa with respect since the day he walked the door, but he doesn’t care how long he’s here and wants to be on the NXT Championship. The breaker heard Champa wanting to fight someone with a ball. The breaker has the largest ball in the locker room. Breaker says the match he wants and the match fans want is the NXT Championship breaker vs. champa at Halloween Havoc. Champa says the difference between the two is that the breaker wants the title, while Champa needs it. For breakers, the title is just a stepping stone to something bigger and better. For Champa, it’s bigger and better.

Champa says it takes three weeks for the breaker to get a PhD from an intern. Champa says the challenge has been accepted. As the fans bark and the champa leaves the ring, the breaker makes a fuss and hits the breaker’s shoulders. The breaker gazes from the ring as Champa raises the NXT Championship on the ramp.

– Receive a brief behind-the-scenes promotion from Joe Gacy. He says social media crashed this week, but one platform didn’t, and that’s the voice of the inclusive generation, NXT. He uses the ring as our safe place tonight. Prove that we can unite and resolve conflicts peacefully. Yes, there may be two winners. Return to commercial.

– Returning from the break, Indi Hartwell walks behind the scenes with Persian Pilotta to talk about his honeymoon with Dexter Lumis. Indy says she beat him, and he’s too tired to be here. She mentions how they passed through the “two packets” of the condom, and Persia asks about his “size” as they walk. They stop and see smoke coming out from under the door. They open it and Tian Sha’s Boa and Mei Ying are there. Boa seems to bow to Inn while sitting on the throne. Boa yells at them and closes the door.

Joe Gacy vs. Jiro Ikemon

Returning to the ring, handsome Jiro waits for Joe Gacy to leave. Gacy is all the smiles with signs of peace floating in the air. They start shaking hands.

They go to it and stop when Gacy stalls some. Jiro isn’t down for his game. Gacy will offer a handshake again, but as fans boo, he uses it to attack Jiro. Gacy is now moving Jiro with his right hand. Gacy with Suplex in the middle of the ring. Gacy is all smiling while playing a little more with the crowd. Gacy drops Jiro with his elbow.

Jiro drops against Gacy for pop. Jiro keeps hitting Gacy with a handful of his own jackets. Jiro drops Gacy with his third big right hand for pop. Jiro stepped into the big boots in the corner. Gacy takes the lead, but Jiro shakes him and sends him to Matt with Harikan Lana. Gacy duck a dropkick and returns with a lariat in the middle of the ring for Pin to win.

Winner: Joe Gacy

– After the match, Gacy gets taller with a sign of peace. Go to replay. Gacy helps Jiro and hugs him after the match. Gacy exits, but a mysterious man appears on the stand, looking down at Gacy, and stops at the entrance. This is Harland, also known as Parker Haaland.

– Get a simple video package to promote your in-ring debut tonight at Cora Jade. Return to commercial.

Keep updating this page throughout the night for the latest results.

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LIVE WWE NXT 2.0 brings ongoing coverage LIVE WWE NXT 2.0 brings ongoing coverage

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