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WWE NXT Results – March 31, 2021

– The WWE NXT Go Home episode of “Take over: Stand and Deliver” begins on USA Network with a video package of the match at a big two-night event next week.

– We live from the Capitol Wrestling Center at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, as Vic Joseph welcomes us. Fans will support you by chanting “NXT!”. Vic is ringside with Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Roderick Strong vs. Cameron Grimes

If you go directly to the ring, you’ll see Roderick Strong first, as Alicia Taylor introduces you. You can see the behind-the-scenes segment of last week when this match was to take place. This will be the first of tonight’s double shots as Strong and his opponents will also be competing in a 12-player battle royale main event. Cameron Grimes has responded differently to the next hit music.

Grimes is interested in taking Mike and buying the intellectual property of an era that is still indisputable. He and Strong can keep the name and make a lot of money, he says. He shows Strong the new undisputed era T-shirt he made – Grimes The System. Fans boo. Grimes has a new entrance theme played for the Grimes The System, but Strong has heard enough. He leaves the ring and drops it on the ramp Grimes. They drop it on the ring and the referee calls the bell. Strong maintains control and nails the spine buster.

Move Grimes hard around the ring until Grimes rocks him out of nowhere with his back elbow. Grimes is stronger with the front face lock. There is a strong rock at the corner of Grimes, which Grimes turns to the right and brings it to the rope when the referee counts. Grimes claws on a strong face. Grimes defeats Strong in the corner and talks about trash. Nail a strong counterattack and a large chop to kneel Grimes. Strong suppresses Grimes and speaks trash. Grimes pulls Strong into the turnbuckle and he collapses. Grimes with kicks and big chops in the corners. Strong with his own chops. Grimes grabs his face again and the referee warns him. Fans boo.

Strong with a drop kick in the middle of the ring. Point a strong clothesline at the floor and get dirty. Strong runs the rope and nails the dropkick through the rope for pop. Strong with many chops on the floor as the referee counts. Defeat Grimes against the barrier. Strong seems to be distracted by the members of the crowd, and Grimes can beat him at the barrier. Grimes works hard on the floor and puts him back in the ring when he goes to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Returning from the break, Grimes dominated throughout the break. Strong against clothes drying to mount some attacks. Grimes shuts him down nearly two counts. Strong with more comebacks now. They exchange crimes back and forth. A strong chop chops Grimes in the corner and takes him to the top when the fans gather. Strong climbs for Superplex and he hits it for Big Pop. It’s a strong cover, but Grimes kicks out just in time.

There is a strong run from corner to corner on a big strike, but Grimes meets him in the air with a big crossbody collider near two counts. They stand up and Strong hits the Olympic slam out of nowhere. Strong picks up an undisputed era armband from Matt and distracts him from seeing it. Grimes pulled it off the trunk and dropped it to distract Strong. Grimes takes advantage of Strong being distracted by the indisputable era logo to allow Pin to offer a cave instomp to win.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

– After the match, fans boo as Grimes celebrates the victory. Go to replay. Disappointed Strong makes his exit.

– The announcer will send us a video about Karion Cross Training for NXT Champion Finbarer at Takeover. He goes back to the basics, catches wrestling, judo, etc., takes care of Valor, and talks about winning the NXT Championship. Scarlet is also with the cloth. They both hype the match and send a “Tick, Tock …” warning to Balor. Return to commercial.

– Back from the break, NXT UK champion WALTER cut the Tommaso Ciampa promotion and got a video package promoting a takeover match. Walter says Champa is just the shell of what he once was, but Walter’s commitment to the sport has fallen short. Walter says he respects the sport more than anyone else, and he’s not going to prove it in takeover. He is trying to prove what it means when Matt says it is sacred.

– The announcer will talk about NXT moving on Tuesday night on USA Network from April 13th. Also connect WrestleMania 37 with Peacock and WWE Network.

– Returning to the ring, Legado del Fantasma is out – NXT Cruiserweight Champions Santos Escobar, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wild.

Escobar picks up Mike and says he wants to publish an open challenge tonight. He wants to show fellow NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin what he’s crazy about. Escobar says he was born as a champion, which is the difference between him and Devlin. He goes on to say that he represents the 100-year tradition of lucha libre. Fans boo as the Escobar progresses, and the cruiserweight division says he belongs to him as long as he wants. Blood and tradition say he is the best cruiserweight in NXT history. He currently speaks Spanish, but the music breaks when Tyler Breeze leaves.

Breeze picks up Mike and Escobar says he thinks the division belongs to him because he is qualified, but Breeze moved his ass to get here. Breeze continues and accepts the challenge. When Breeze gets off the ramp, Escobar prepares for the match.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Tyler Breeze vs. Santos Escobar

The referee meets Tyler Breeze and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar in the middle of the ring, with Joaquin Wild and Raul Mendoza heading to the ringside.

The bell rings and Escobar attacks with a kick first. Escobar takes it to the corner, unloads it, and defeats Breeze as fans boo. Escobar talks about some trash and keeps stepping on while the referee warns him. Escobar with an underground drop kick running in the corner. Breeze slides out of hold and nails a dropkick for pop. The breeze is trampling in the corner as the referee warns him. Wild and Mendoza are looking from the ringside. When the referee pulls him away again, Breeze retains control and holds Escobar in the corner.

Breeze knocked Escobar down to the floor. Breeze takes it home, but Escobar leveles him and returns to his job. Escobar with a big drop kick of 2 counts. Breeze turns it over and wraps Escobar’s legs around the ring post. Wild charges, but Breeze superkicks him on the ringside. Breeze then removes the Mendoza and sends it to the ring post. Escobar tries to use it from the ring through the rope, but Breeze rocks him off the floor. Control the Breeze to go to the commercials and return to the Escobar ring.

Returning from the break, Escobar stays in control and kneels as fans boo. As the referees count and the boos get bigger, Escobar moves the breath in the corners. Escobar retreats and offers a great high knee for another pin attempt. Escobar has decided to involve Breeze in his surfboard submissions. Escobar stays in control, going back and forth more. Escobar hits Breeze and talks about trash in the corner.

Escobar with a big chop and some trash talking. Breeze finally begins his comeback, nailing the takedown of Harikan Lana, and then mounting Escobar with his right hand. Breeze blocks the submission and begins working on the legs and knees. Breeze keeps going and hits the splash flying in the corner. Escobar turns it around, but Breeze catches him with a spine buster. Breeze heads for a sharpshooter in the middle of the ring and he locks it.

Escobar finally broke the hold, but he is hurt. Escobar blocks Unprettier and nails a dropkick to his face. Escobar scoops Phantom Driver’s Breeze in the center of the ring to hold the pin.

Winner: Santos Escobar

– After the match, Wild and Mendoza hold Breeze for the triple team, but the music breaks and MSK pops. Wesley and Nash Carter are rushing to the ring, but Legado del Fantasma finishes before anything happens. Grizzled Young Veterans is displayed on the big screen. While they’re focusing on the laser, they’re distracted by MSK and Legado del Fantasma, knocking and winning a vacant title to become the next NXT Tag Team Champion in the takeover. When MSK and Legado del Fantasma are talking about debris from the ring and lamp, they disappear from the screen.

– Way is behind the scenes of Sarash River. Johnny Gargano of the NXT North American Championship is angry about how his takeover opponent will be determined and gives him a short notice to prepare. He says NXT’s general manager, William Regal, once again shows how unsuitable it is to run NXT. He looks at Austin Theory and asks why he’s trying to take part in the title match. Theory brings the infamous FingerPoke of Doom from WCW, and Gargano says it killed the business. According to theory, the business is still here. Gargano changed his mind and is now in favor of that idea. Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell hype their tag match tonight. LeRae says he intends to show Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart how the champion will do it.

– Get a simple vignette that shows a little dog outside the WWE Performance Center from different angles. The dog looked like a Pomeranian and there may have been two. Does the announcer wonder what this is? I’m going to a commercial.

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Live WWE NXT brings ongoing coverage Live WWE NXT brings ongoing coverage

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