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Stop searching- LiverpoolFront 3 is back.

Jurgen Klopp had to wait more than a month to win the Premier League as his misfire progressed- Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mané And Mohamed Salah -Being able to withstand the spell led to a real question about durability in defending the title.

Those suspicions have not been silenced by Thursday 3-1 win so Tottenham HotspurBut Firmino and Manet find the net-5 days after Sarah scored two goals in the fourth round of the FA Cup in Liverpool. Manchester United -We can’t respond to future challenges any more in a timely manner.

-Liverpool Rating: Mane when the champion returns to orbit 8/10
-Spurs Rating: Loris for Forgotten Night Expiration 5/10

“It was good, I needed it,” Klopp said. “It was a good moment to show you a little. We are still here. That’s good to know.

“What I saw today was not the shape or shape, but who we are. The second half was especially us. It was a big fight. The main difference is scoring goals. This is useful not only for the result, but also for the result. The momentum of the game.

“We missed a huge opportunity for Burnley, Tonight we knocked down the wall-that’s good.Easy to lose [confidence] That’s right, but it’s possible to get it back. It is not a light that can be turned on and off. You have to show it at the right time. “

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Aggressive emergence becomes a decisive point as the Reds face informs West Ham United Sunday before the match Brighton & Hove Albion, Manchester city, Leicester city, RB Leipzig And Everton.. This is a practice that Liverpool’s aggressive triumvirate cannot negotiate without rediscovering something that is best approaching.

Fortunately for Klopp’s side, the trio looked like their old self at night, representing a tough test of the visitor’s determination after not winning any of the last five Premier League matches. ..

When it comes to Spurs, Jose Mourinho has usually been cautious about his game plans, embracing Portuguese pragmatism and having enjoyed many great days. Still, there was a feeling that he handed the initiative to the Liverpool team.

Spurs alongside three defenses Matthew Doherty Works with the left wingback.Mourinho denied his absence Sergio Reguilon Doherty is a talented defender, but he doesn’t offer the same pinpoint delivery as Reguilon. Instead, I regularly choose to return the ball to the field when I’m in a position to make space for the cross.

Tottenham sat in Liverpool with a proven containment and counter approach.When adopting this style, the importance of the first goal is of utmost importance, and Spurs Son Heung Min He raced clear from Harry Kane’s pass (again, the combination) and slipped through Allison. The replay showed that he was partially offside. Only in the VAR era.

The mane already had a good chance before that and was always thorny on the side of Tottenham. Serge Aurier He was finally withdrawn in half-time because he couldn’t deal with the threat.It was Eric Dier However, if you make a mistake in Liverpool’s opening goal, you can cross Manet. Hugo Lloris The ball drifts between both and just taps in to leave Firmino.

This was the Brazilian’s sixth goal of the season and Liverpool’s first league goal in 482 minutes football. At that time, they managed 93 shots without success.

Kane was dragging her legs for most of the first half after appearing to have rolled her ankle early, but did not appear in the second half. Kane’s injury is the most feared of these parts-Mourinho’s first prognosis was ambiguous beyond suggesting to the broadcaster “I don’t know for a few weeks”-and the Spurs It seems he never believed that he could return to this without him.

Mourinho replaced Aurier and Kane and went back four Harry Winks And Eric Lamela..There was encouragement Joel Matip Adding to Liverpool’s defensive problems by dragging the foot with an ankle ligament injury, Nathaniel Phillips.. However, the Spurs couldn’t settle into the turmoil, and Manetshot and Loris parryed. Trent Alexander Arnold Rifling home to double Liverpool’s lead.

Mourinho was furious at the touchline and his game plan fell apart as the Spurs had to open. Pierre-Emile Hoybjerg halved the deficit with a great score of 20 yards, but couldn’t put a lot of pressure on him.Sarah had a goal excluded by Firmino Handball’s VAR in the buildup before Manet took advantage of poor defense. Jorodon The third counted is on the net.



Jürgen Klinsmann hopes to help Gareth Bale lead Tottenham with Harry Kane after both ankle injuries.

Mourinho maintained a backup striker Carlos Vinícius Gave on the bench all night Gareth veil Only 9 minutes to make an impact.

Spurs’ best game under Mourinho is based on minimizing individual defense errors, with Son and Kane maximizing the moment of counterattack with ruthless efficiency.When Toby Alderweilerd And Davinson Sanchez Mourinho, who fell on the bench, seems to be still scrambled for his most cohesive unit with the ever-changing cast of characters around him, with Die as the main force.

The need for a new center bag is clear this summer. Mourinho was then keen to defend Rodon, saying he would “play the next game for sure” and avoid possession and “not a coward”, but “this is a personal influence of the defenders.” It’s a performance that has completely received. ” mistake.

“One is wrong and the other is not enough. That’s another story. I don’t have to take responsibility for everyone.”

They were pretty short at both ends of the pitch, even though Liverpool went missing Fabinho As a makeshift centerback, I arrived here with low confidence and injured pride after a recent run.

They remain rejuvenated after feeling like a cathartic night to Liverpool. These are just the three legendary front desks who are no longer missing.

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Liverpool attack regains their mojo with a great victory at Tottenham Liverpool attack regains their mojo with a great victory at Tottenham

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