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Jurgen Klopp argues that the players’ loyalty is unquestionable, but said they would be able to show the door if Liverpool members wanted to leave.

Liverpool’s miserable form continued on Thursday, losing to Chelsea 1-0 at home. This is the club’s record five consecutive defeats in Anfield.

The Reds haven’t won the Premier League home game since December 16th, but are four points away from the Champions League rankings, leaving 12 games remaining.

The home game with Fulham on Sunday, although only a one-on-one draw at Craven Cottage early in the campaign, gives Liverpool a good chance to get back on track at least.

Liverpool have never lost a home Premier League match against a team promoted under Klopp (P15 W14 D1), but Fulham defeated Ipswich Town 1-0 to become the top flight champion (D3 L21). ) Won 2 out of 26 games. Manchester United 3-1 in March 1963 and October 2003.

Klopp has already acknowledged that the title is out of reach and achieving a top four finish is the only goal, but competition is fierce, West Ham, Everton, Chelsea, Leicester City and Manchester United. Is ahead of Liverpool. , Aston Villa and Arsenal can also imagine the chance to catch the Reds.

Bullish Klopp was asked at a press conference if a star player could be sent off because he couldn’t make it to the Champions League.

“We know we have loyalty. I know them well. If a player wants to leave because we are not in the Champions League, I want him No. That’s not something I worry about.

“We all expect more. We are realistic about what we are doing. I don’t feel like the team leaves me in the fire, that’s exactly what it is.

“No one else speaks in the club. No one above me. In Germany, it’s common for CEOs to face questions. The situation here is different. The owner tells me the situation. I want you to organize it. “

But if the worst scenario happens, Klopp is confident that it’s just a temporary failure.

“This club will not be a regular in the Champions League,” he added. “Possibility and power. Team, team-if not everyone is injured. We are ready to fight.

“This club is in a really good position during difficult times and is better than the other clubs I say. No one has to worry about the future, it’s in good hands. It’s for a good future It’s the best foundation. “

Klopp also emphasized that injuries to key players, who were in trouble with substitutes Jordan Henderson and Fabinho, primarily in his defense, were the main cause of Liverpool’s form loss.

“I can’t really tell people what they should think about. If you doubt me, I think it’s possible thanks to the team,” Klopp asks if he has any doubts about his ability to turn things around. I said when I was asked.

“It’s a difficult year to be able to show unity in a more special way if we judge the situation correctly. The boys haven’t changed, the situation has changed.

“The reason is injury, but last night we had a really good team, but we faced a really good team. You can always lose this game. If anyone wants to doubt us, I Can’t change that. “

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Liverpool boss, loyalty of players unrelated to Klopp Liverpool boss, loyalty of players unrelated to Klopp

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