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it took Liverpool 30 years to finish their waiting to become the champion of EnglandHowever, the Jurgen Klopp team is on the verge of surrendering the crown just seven months after first lifting the Premier League trophy.In fact, I can’t win Manchester city At Anfield on Sunday, Liverpool can forget to keep the title.

It’s the brutal reality that Klopp’s team is facing after Brighton, who is on the verge of being demoted, imposes it. Two consecutive home defeats To the debilitated champion on Wednesday Stephen AlzateDifference in goals in the second half of.

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Until Burnley Liverpool, who won Anfield two weeks ago, recorded 68 undefeated games at home in the Premier League. This dates back to April 2017. Currently, league leader Citi is scheduled to visit on Sunday and has lost two games. Extend your recent more positive practice to 14 consecutive victories in all competitions.

For Liverpool Defender Andy Robertson, The stake couldn’t be higher any more.

“Every match against Manchester is big,” Robertson said. “At this point, I’m not in the title fight. There’s a 7-point difference and there’s a match. I have to go back to Liverpool, which everyone knows.”

Consecutive home losses aren’t the only thing to worry about when Klopp and his players are preparing to join Pep Guardiola’s team.

After defeating Tottenham at the last minute Roberto Firmino Liverpool, the winner of Anfield on December 16, scored two points from four home games and scored only once in that run. Due to his defeat against Brighton (a natural victory for Graham Potter’s sudden informant), the Reds failed to score three consecutive home games for the first time since October 1984.

There are few good things about Liverpool clinging to now. Perhaps they are grateful that they stayed at least in the top four away wins at Spurs and West Ham last week. However, if they lose to Citi again on Sunday, they rarely expect Guardiola’s men to return to the race, 10 points behind the leader and playing more games.

After losing to Brighton, Klopp said, “The solution is always a player.” “It was a tough week, but not enough tonight.

“The only explanation is that we are a team that is more or less tired mentally. But the city is flying and we have to find a solution.”

If Liverpool admits a defeat to hold the title, or is likely, there are many reasons Liverpool couldn’t keep the title.

The injury is clearly hit hard. Against Brighton, Klopp was without Allison, Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Joel Matip, Fabinho, Naby Keita, Sadio Mané,and Diogo Jota..Defense crisis prompted signing of Preston North End deadline Ben davis And Schalke Ozan MuhameUsed Jordan Henderson in the middle half to connect to the crop and doubled the champion’s midfield.

Davis, who had never played at a higher level than the EFL Championship, was an unused replacement for Brighton, and Kabak wasn’t on the team. But at some point, Klopp needs to play because he needs to bring Henderson, the FWA Footballer of the Year last season back to the midfield, to form a team and drive.

But with all clubs injured, Liverpool isn’t the only one to deal with without a key player this season. But Van Dijk, Gomez, and now Matip’s injuries during the season were hammer hits.

Also, for Brighton and Burnley, the lack of fans in Anfield due to the COVID-19 pandemic worked for Liverpool. In recent seasons, the noisy and passionate urges of Liverpool fans have often led Klopp’s men to victory. The city has embraced Anfield’s experience even in recent seasons, with local spectators helping Liverpool blow Guardiola’s team over and over again.

Anfield, like all other stadiums, is silent this season, but the lack of noise sets Liverpool’s performance apart. Klopp’s team has lost home advantage. But despite the injuries and empty stands, Liverpool still has quality and depth, so they should have done much better to defend their title.

Defeats to teams like Brighton can occur, especially in seasons that have become unpredictable due to the effects of the pandemic, but the loss of points for struggling teams has become a worrying trend for Liverpool. I will. They are currently dropping 16 points against the teams in the lower half of the Premier League and 11 points on the lower 6 sides.can not win Fulham, West Brom, Newcastle, Burnley, and now Brighton twice, Liverpool have become so volatile to take the title that they are about to play against Citi.

Liverpool had a hard time creating opportunities for Brighton and Burnley. The same was true for Newcastle and West Brom. They lack imagination and energy-and energy was a major factor in the success of last year’s title. Without it, Liverpool would not be on the same team. That’s why Burnley was able to record the first Anfield victory since 1974, and why Brighton led Liverpool to victory in the league for the first time since 1982.

Citi hasn’t won the league match in Anfield since 2003, but if the league match ends on Sunday, the title will head to Manchester.

It’s clear over time whether it ends in City or United, but in any case Liverpool is watching from a distance.

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Liverpool’s latest slip-up vs. Brighton means you have to beat Manchester to keep the title hopeful Liverpool’s latest slip-up vs. Brighton means you have to beat Manchester to keep the title hopeful

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