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2021 is a spectacular lightweight crossroads battle this afternoon (Saturday, January 2, 2021) as social media sensation Ryan Garcia competes with Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell for the title of the interim WBC. The curtain opens with. Here’s a live coverage of the main event this afternoon:The· DAZN-Streaming broadcast (Look at it here) Starting at 3 pm (Eastern Standard Time), Garcia and Campbell may approach 6 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

The 22-year-old Garcia was considered one of the sport’s top young talents and, at 2:58, terribly knocked out the last two opponents. However, he took a considerable step in the competition with Campbell. The only unvengeful loss of the British was brought to multi-division champion Jorge Linares, who fell in a split decision in 2017, and last year’s unparalleled Vasyl Lomachenko.

Winners are lined up to face Devin Haney for the full WBC title, along with veteran Javier Fortuna. This should not be confused with Teofimo Lopez’s recent “franchise” title. Don’t think too hard.

In previous actions, the Alvarado brothers Rene and Felix defended their respective titles against Roger Gutierrez and former minimum-class champion DJ Kriel. Former female WBO super middleweight champion Franchon Crew-Desoon will also face Journey Woman Ashley Curry.

Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell
René Alvarado vs. Roger Gutierrez — Gutierrez def. Alvarado (113-112 x3) by unanimous decision
Felix Alvarado vs. Deejay Kriel — Alvaradodef.Cliel by TKO at 1:39 in Round 10

WBC Provisional Lightweight Championship: Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell

Round 1: Garcia starts by jabbing her body. When I try to walk Campbell, I run out of left hooks. Campbell also sends jabs. Get stuck in the corner early, draw a circle and fire at your body. A good left downstairs where Garcia’s jab met. Good exchange and Garcia land the cross. In the middle. The three pieces are high and low. Campbell launches a trio in return. Garcia puts him back on the rope and bounces the punch off the guard. Campbell digs another left in his body. Good deal at the center and Garcia stick out his tongue. Another body taken by Campbell. 10-9 Campbell.

Round 2: Campbell with another person left on his body. He has a leadfoot on the outside and makes another landing. Garcia tries 1-2-3. Jab exchange. The left hook lands for him and he opens with a rope. Campbell goes low high with his left hand. He steps into the center ring and decks Garcia, leaving an overhand. It’s a pretty difficult knockdown, but he’s up in enough time. Straight left upstairs, patiently. There is a shortage of overhands. Garcia lands a hook on her body. clinch. A nice little check hook connects. 10-8, 20-17 Campbell.

Round 3: Trade jabs early in the round. Garcia tries 1-2 and gives the body rights. Campbell jabs the body. A flickering overhand left by Campbell who absorbs 1-2. High and low from Garcia. In the middle. Garcia lands the cross and eats a check hook. Body shot. Campbell goes low high with his left hand. Garcia tries to open the corner. 1-2 from Campbell. Jab, soon overhand remained. Garcia goes to the body with a rope. 10-9 Garcia, 29-27 Campbell.

Round 4: Counter jab knocks back Garcia. 1-2 from Campbell, clinch. Garcia combo is not enough. Campbell warned of a low hit on the border. Garcia tried the three-piece and the two-piece is back. Another body shot by Campbell met 2-3. Good 1-2 by Garcia. With another body blow, Campebll absorbs the couple’s rights. In the middle. Campbell body shot. clinch. Campbell goes downstairs again. Upper left of the counter. clinch. Two more body shots, then another pair. Garcia fired and met on the left side of her body. 10-9, 39-36 Campbell.

Round 5: Intense exchange in the center. Campbell with a hard jab. Combinations in the vicinity are mostly blocked. 1-2 on the body. Garcia goes high and low at 2-3. With Campbell on your body, take a borderline groin in return. Campbell tries the combo. In the middle. 2-3. Garcia has the right to the body. A good lead right, an overhand left will come back to him. Low-high 1-2 from Campbell. He tries a series of left. A good combination by Garcia. Bell’s hard check hook visibly damages Campbell. 10-9 Garcia, 48-46 Campbell.

Round 6: Garcia comes out with a slugging percentage. Long flurry. clinch. Central Campbell Potshot after surviving. Right next to Garcia. Campbell’s combination land. Body jab. Garcia Combo has been blocked. In the middle. 1-2 by Garcia, take a three-piece in return. Campbell jabs the body. Garcia Checkhook tries to tear him apart with a rope. Campbell blows him up with an overhand left and a power jab. Body jab. Garcia with a hook downstairs. 10-9, 58-55 Campbell.

Round 7: Short trade at the starting center. Campbell jabs the body. Jab on the 2nd floor. Garcia passes through the guard and lands the right cross. Both land straight. Campbell on the body. Garcia’s good left hook on the rope. Campbell right cross and body shot. 1-2 on the way. Garcia’s vicious shot kneeling on Brit encounters a body shot. He can’t beat the count and Garcia has a comeback knockout.

Final result: Garciadef. Campbell by KO

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Livestream battle coverage as a result of Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell Livestream battle coverage as a result of Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell

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