Lizzo’s net worth in 2020 (Melissa Jefferson)

What is Lizzo’s net worth?

Net worth: $ 10 million
age: 32
birth: April 27, 1988
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: Professional rapper
Last updated: 2020


Lizzo is an American singer-songwriter, rapper and flutist.

Prior to signing Nice Life with Atlantic Records, Rizzo released two studio albums, “Lizzobangers” and “Big Grrrl Small World.” Thyme has named her one of 14 music artists.

As of 2020, Lizzo’s net worth is approximately $ 10 million.

early life

Melissa Vivian Jefferson was born on April 27, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan.

She grew up with two older brothers and spent the early part of her life in her hometown.

Growing up in this environment had a positive impact on Rizzo. Her family was very religious and believed in a Pentecostal church. She sang the gospel and was a member of the church choir. This also influenced her music.


Rizzo started rap at the age of 14 and lived in Houston.

She worked with her best friend to form a rap group named “Cornrow Clique”. Lizzo played at many local events and earned his name.

She formed an all-female rap / R & B group of three-pieces named “The Chalice”, which provided a foothold in the music industry. On “The Chalice,” she recorded her debut album. In 2012, the group released their own debut album “We Are the Chalice”.

In 2016, she released her first major EP, Coconut Oil. By then, she was signed under “Atlantic Records,” one of America’s largest record labels. The album was successful, but failed to reach the success level of her first two studio albums.

In April 2019, Rizzo released his third album “Cuz I Love You”. This is the first album released on a major label.

The album has been well received worldwide and has been commercially successful. Debuted at No. 6 on the “Billboard 200” chart.

As of 2020, Lizzo’s net worth is $ 10 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Lizzo’s career:

  • Lizzobangers (album, 2013)
  • Truth Hurts (Song, 2017)
  • Cuz I Love You (Album, 2019)
  • Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance (“Truth Hurts”, 2020) – Winner

Favorite quote from Lizzo

“I’ve learned the chain of command, so I no longer seek style from celebrities. They are dressed by stylists inspired by a 16-year-old kid running in the city of Melbourne, Australia. After learning about its chain of command, I started taking it to the streets. ” – Lizzo

“My formation period was Houston. I was a junior high school student, and everyone dropped the second half of the name and added an” o “at the end. The little crew I had, we were all female rap groups, and everyone had an “o” at the end of their name. I was Risso. Then this guy started to get lazy with it, Rizzo said. “ – Lizzo

“Minneapolis accepted me. There are a lot of weirdos here. It’s great because I’m a weirdo. Thankfully, the city opened my arms and accepted me. Much about Minneapolis Helped to carve my musicality and open my eyes. Like Texas, the whole city is very open-minded. “ – Lizzo

“The battle is not yet color vs. white people. It is people against the system built to keep us in check. That is the front line of the Constitution. And the system is artificial but not human. Anyone, regardless of class, belief, culture or ethnicity, can help fight and destroy the system. “ – Lizzo

3 life lessons from Lizzo

I understand everything about Lizzo’s net worth and how she succeeded. Let’s take a look at some lessons that can be learned from her.

1. Confidence

More to you if you are confident in yourself, how you want to present yourself, and if you are doing it well because you want to do it, not because someone is putting pressure on you Please give me strength.

2. Dress up well

A dress that suits your body shape. Some people are fortunate enough to throw what Beyonce is wearing, but it looks great. It will show up when you go against the grain and try to wear something your body doesn’t like.

3. Become an icon

Everyone wants more than music from artists, and the message that it feels good on their skin is the best.


Lizzo is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and presenter.

Throughout her career, she has been a founding member of many hip-hop groups, including “Grrrl Prty,” “The Chalice,” “The Clerb,” ​​and “Absynthe.”

As of 2020, Lizzo’s net worth is estimated at $ 10 million.

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