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G’day Al,
I have been watching the lake since May of this year. I made a profit and made a profit.
I bought it around .084, dumped it at .064, and then was kicked out.
Two-thirds of the current stock was purchased at .042 (about two months ago) and the remaining one-third was purchased at .031 about two weeks ago. The recent SPP was 0.032 from my dangerous memory.
There has been no support since the SPP, and slowly but surely, the weak sellers have thrown away. Like when the SP at that time was about .040 … Bagger.
However, yesterday there seemed to be a change in attitude and support was still volatile, but resistance above .030 disappeared.
I’m looking forward to / I want to see it exceed the current resistance of .030 and then some more!
Now you need a bargain hunter to find it! : D;):It's cool: Do you have a taker?

LKE-Lake Resources | Australian Equity Forum LKE-Lake Resources | Australian Equity Forum

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