Locations of All Meteorite Fragments-Genshin Impact Wiki Guide

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Quest name: Where the stars fall

For this, you want to head to Mondostadt’s own Starfell Valley. The area consists of Lake Stafel, Wispa Ringwoods, Star Snatch Cliffs and Thousand Winds Temples. Please refer to the map below to find the 7 and continue collecting if you want to fill your pocket. Don’t worry about climbing cliffs, you don’t have to head north enough to hit Storm Bearer Mountain and Storm Bearer Point.

Quest name: Oath of Starlight Cape

There are many meteorite fragments in the eastern Cape Oth itself, but many small rocks are also hidden in the Daduapa Valley. Together, they make up Galeson Hill, and if you’re wandering too far into their camp, you’ll have a hard time avoiding the fight with hirichurls.

Quest name: Yaoguan Algol

It is speculated that this quest is named after Demon Star, not the old computer programming language. You can easily find seven meteorite debris beyond the sand of Yaoguang Shoal itself, but come from the east of Guili Plains and receive two giveaways. Continue near Meiyun Village if necessary. Then you can take an instant tour of the group Qiongji estuary.


Quest name: Jueyun’s Stardust

Jueyun Karst is just a small subsection of the Minlin region northwest of Liyue. Interestingly, Jueyun Karst itself has few talking rocks. Instead, it’s the gateway to the mountainous areas of the map, which holds the most. Many climbs and glides are expected here, so please use the wind flow and windmills to move.

Quest name: Gunstar Catcher

Now is the perfect time to explore the region again, as you can learn a lot about the history and origins of the Gyunstone Forest from the latest Archon quest, Chapter 1, Act 3: The Approach of a New Star. If you follow the shallow areas around the island, you can track about 20 small bricks. Watch out for islands with lots of sleeping ruined guards.

Quest name: Meteor on Qingce

The village of Qingce is hidden in the Wuwang hills, which form only part of the area known as the Bishui Plain. Just follow the trails around the Stone Gate and you’ll have the seven you need to get to the village. Scale Wuwang Hill if you need more!

It’s not practical to get an accurate image for each meteorite location, but in addition to the exact spots of the pins on the map, some tips to keep in mind if you’re having trouble finding a particular rock. there is.

Follow the character’s vision

Anyone other than the Traveler and Venti can use the brilliance of the Vision Accessory to track rocks. The brighter the glow, the closer you are.

Elevation problem

Minimaps don’t care about elevation when it comes to meteorites. If there is a high point in the area, it is probably there.

See the enemy

Nearby enemies also love meteorites. If you’re scratching or swarming on one or more grounds, you may have rocks hidden under your feet.

Meteorite pushes itself

If looking around the edge of the cliff is useless, check out the crevasse between the rocks and the rubble. The meteorite seems to be sitting in these little corners.


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