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Locomation announces findings on the benefits of ARC

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Autonomous Truck Technology Company Locomation has an independent environmental impact assessment that allows the Autonomous Relay Convoy (ARC) system to significantly reduce greenhouse gas footprints, fuel consumption, and operating costs for truck transportation. Announced that it turned out.

According to an assessment by Boundless Impact Research & Analytics Inc., compared to traditional Class 8 trucks, trucks with Locomation technology look like this:

• Reduce freight transportation GHG footprint by 22%.

• Reduce operating costs by 19%.

• Reduce fuel consumption by 21%.

• Reduces photochemical ozone production by 22%.

• Lower GHG reduction costs, or dollars per ton of avoided greenhouse gas emissions, than any alternative being considered.

According to the Pittsburgh-based company, these conclusions are based on the ability of the ARC system to reduce truck idling by up to 90% and improve fuel efficiency by an average of 8%.

Meri Kuri

“We are proud to be the first company to validate Green Claims in an independent third-party science-based review. Who is complaining about environmental impact and fuel consumption? But I encourage you to do the same, “said Locomation co-founder and CEO Çetin Meriçli in the release.

The ARC system consists of a convoy of two electronically connected trucks. One driver operates the first truck and the second driver rides on the following truck, which is autonomously driven. On a regular basis, trucks change locations to allow each driver to take the lead in turn and take a break in accordance with US Department of Transportation service time regulations.

The environmental impact assessment used a life cycle assessment (LCA) method to assess GHG emissions at scopes 1, 2, and 3 of Locomation’s ARC technology. The company said LCA is perceived to be more rigorous than other reporting methods. — — Transportation topic

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Locomation announces findings on the benefits of ARC Locomation announces findings on the benefits of ARC

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