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NASCAR Cup Champion Joey Logano looks forward to the series’ first dirt race in Bristol since 1970, but is trying to balance his preparations for the season.

Among the many changes to the 2021 Cup schedule are a few more road course events, in addition to the first dirt track race in over 50 years when the Bristol Motor Speedway was converted to a dirt course.

The NASCAR Cup Series last dirt raced at the 1970 North Carolina State Fairgrounds Circuit and was won by Richard Petty, but since then, only the third-tier track series has been on the annual Eldora visit. Won.

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30-year-old Logano is one of several series drivers spending time on simulators using downtime before the start of the 2021 season because NASCAR has no off-season testing and has a variety of drivers. The type of circuit that expressed excitement for the possibility of driving.

“I was sitting here at the Ford R & D Center. I was just riding a simulator and working on a few things and thinking about driving.” How many different things can you drive? It’s cool, “said the 2018 champion.

“I’ve always thought the Cup was one of the only series to go on a variety of tracks, including short track speed skating, super speed skating, a mile and a half, and road trails.

“But now there are more and more tracks, road tracks, tracks I’ve never been to, dirt races.”

Team Penske drivers have no personal experience with dirt racing, but Logano believes that adding a race is a good test of the driver’s skills, which seems to be the best in motorsport-but perfect preparation. A calendar that emphasizes that you need to do it properly.

“You want to be a well-balanced racing driver who can dive into anything and run fast. That’s what I’m proud of,” he said.

“Usually we don’t have the opportunity to drive anything outside the NASCAR Cup Car, so this is a fun opportunity as a racing driver. As a team, everyone is working together to understand these new racetracks. I think. In front of us. “

“Everyone is talking about dirt races. Every time I get on a truck and turn on the radio, I hear only those who are talking about this dirt race.

“I know there will be other races this year? It’s not just this dirt race.”

“So try to balance it, put less effort into one race and don’t forget to pay for all the other races.”

Logano said he will be on the dirt track between now and the dirt race in Bristol at the end of March, at least to understand how the road surface changes during the race.

“Obviously, driving a car is different and very smooth, but when you understand how dirt works, whether it’s cushioned, dry, or rubberized, there’s all this term I don’t know. I really know a lot, I need to see it, and I’m experiencing it to understand it. “

“To get a little better understanding of dirt racing, I have some plans to go a little on the track and play with different types of cars. Let’s see what happens. There are many unknowns in Bristol.

“You throw the soil in that place. We don’t know what will happen and no one will, but somewhere if we can somehow educate what the truck looks like and where the grips are. You can get closer to the stadium. “”

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Logano is excited to drive a variety of NASCAR Cup Calendars on dirt races | NASCAR News Logano is excited to drive a variety of NASCAR Cup Calendars on dirt races | NASCAR News

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