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Logbook: CMA CGM to help replenish oysters in the Chesapeake Bay

Logbook A weekly summary of human interest articles related to the transportation industry. This week: CMA CGM is working to recover millions of oysters in the Chesapeake Bay, JB Hunt is backing the American Suicide Prevention Foundation, and Goodyear has begun accepting Highway Hero Award nominations.

CMA CGM plans to restore 5.5 million oysters

CMA CGM Group, a global shipper and logistics company, announced this week that it plans to partner with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) to join the Chesapeake Oyster Alliance, a group of 75 organizations in Maryland and Virginia. Did. By 2025.

In the Chesapeake Bay, oysters purify water and filter up to 50 gallons per oyster per day. Oyster reefs in the area also provide more than 300 species of underwater habitat and have been declining over the years due to over-harvesting, disease and pollution of oysters.

In the announcement, CMA CGM said it had promised to add 5.5 million larval oysters to reach that goal.

To reach that goal this week, 50 CMA CGM staff have built 75 future homes for 100,000 oyster larvae to volunteer for CBF’s oyster gardening program. These volunteers hang these homes from the dock, and a year later, place adult oysters on restored coral reefs to continue rehabilitating oyster populations.

CMA CGM employees at the event. (Photo: CMA CGM)

“CMA CGM is proud to play a role in this important initiative to support the restoration of the largest estuary ecosystem and biodiversity in the United States,” said Heatherwood, CMA CGM’s Director of Sustainability in North America. Says.

“The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is doing a great job in conservation and we are fully mobilized to reach our goal of planting 10 billion oysters in the bay by 2025. This activity is CMACGM. We protect the biodiversity of the group and its staff, “says Wood.

JB Hunt Offers $ 1.25 Million for Suicide Prevention

On Tuesday, JB Hunt Transport Services Inc. announced that it had donated $ 1.25 million to the American Suicide Prevention Foundation (AFSP) to support community education on mental health and suicide prevention.

“We have a great opportunity to prevent suicide, but we can’t do it alone,” said AFSP CEO Robert Gevia.

“We appreciate JB Hunt’s efforts to bring suicide prevention education to communities across the country, and the positive benefits of our cooperation to reach the goal of reducing annual suicide rates by 20% by 2025. We are optimistic about the impact, “said Gebbia.

Supply chain solutions companies are planning to leverage their partnership with AFSP to build their own suicide prevention education programs within JB Hunt and its local communities.

A few days before the announcement, the company participated in AFSP at the Out of the Darkness Walk on September 26, touring National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

At the virtual event in September, JB Hunt’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Mark Greenway, explanation In January, the company partnered with WebMD Live to launch a nationwide telemedicine service for mental health. This increased 400% of calls from workers who wanted to talk about how to deal with post-pandemic isolation.

Green also announced plans for JB Hunt to launch digital health and welfare benefits through the mobile app Spring Health in 2022. We expect employees to use it as a daily tool to express their feelings and guide their thoughts in mental health. Health expert.

“The effects of suicide are felt in all cultures, ages, races and genders,” said Stuart Scott, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of JB Hunt. “Now we want to help more than ever with new, comprehensive and innovative ways to positively impact those at risk of suicide and those suffering from mental health. I am. “

Goodyear begins highway hero award nominations

On Tuesday, Goodyear Tire & Rubber announced that it had opened. Nomination The 37th Goodyear Highway Hero Awards honors truck drivers who continue to prioritize the interests of others over themselves.

Gary Medalis, Goodyear’s Product Marketing Director, said:

“These drivers are at the heart of the truck industry and rarely recognize their important role in keeping the global supply chain running. The Goodyear Highway Hero Awards highlight the benefits of this profession and give it a job. It’s our way to reward those who have exceeded. “

The final winner, U.S. military veteran Paul Matthias, 2019 After their car was hit by an SUV at a red light and then jumped off his truck to save his mother and her two children. Matthias was able to help the mother perform CPR on her son and daughter until the paramedics arrived at the scene. The son survived while the daughter died tragically during CPR.

Goodyear Gary Medalis and winner Paul Matthias. (Photo: Goodyear)

“We are proud to add Paul Matthias to our list of Goodyear Highway Heroes,” Medalis said at the 2019 event. “His leadership, courage, and willingness to help a family in crisis demonstrates the spirit of this award.”

No winner was chosen in 2020 because of COVID-19.

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Logbook: CMA CGM to help replenish oysters in the Chesapeake Bay Logbook: CMA CGM to help replenish oysters in the Chesapeake Bay

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