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LogiPoint TRUSTS Ramco

Global software provider Ramco Systems has announced that it will implement logistics software to automate company-wide operations and services at the initiative of Saudi Arabia’s established logistics service provider and industry leaders SISCO, Xenel Group and LogiPoint. ..

Ramco Logistics Software covers CRM, transportation management, hub management, fleet management, warehousing management, valuation and billing, and facility management, providing a single integrated system that can provide end-to-end visibility and operational control. To do. Bundled with advanced mobility and bot features, LogiPoint users can manage their operations on their smartphones without having to log in to another interface.

Farooq Shaikh, CEO of LogiPoint, said of the association: “At LogiPoint, we’ve always believed in smart solutions that enhance the customer experience. With Ramco’s logistics software, Vision turns us into a technology-enabled company, better service to our customers, and on a single integrated platform. We help you track all logistics facilities across different business areas.

“This system provides detailed reports on customer engagement, giving us greater visibility and insight to optimize the overall customer experience. We look forward to embracing the digital future at Ramco. . “

Virender Aggarwal, CEO of Ramco Systems, said: We are pleased to work with LogiPoint to transform your business digitally. The association emphasizes the robustness of our products and their ability to support the digital evolution of becoming an innovative market leader. “

Ramco Logistics Software with AI and ML includes Transport Management Solutions (TMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Fleet and Asset Management, X-Dock Hub Management, Automated Contracts and Billing, Procurement, Profitability, ERP Financials and Payroll It is included. With optimizations, APIs, chatbots, mobility and analytics, Ramco Logistics Software has been recognized as a “notable vendor” in Gartner’s Asia Pacific region. A magic quadrant for transportation management systems.

About LogiPoint:

LogiPoint is a subsidiary of Saudi Industrial Services Company (SISCO), a Saudi Arabian corporation listed on Tadawul. They are an established logistics service provider with a history of groundbreaking logistics projects and 18 years of impeccable service to customers across all major industry segments. LogiPoint’s uniquely located logistics zones and hands-on experience provide customers with transactional, tactical, and strategic benefits. They understand the customer’s supply chain and are in a unique position to provide logistics support at all stages of the chain. LogiPoint provides a comprehensive solution by leveraging strategic assets.

LogiPoint TRUSTS Ramco LogiPoint TRUSTS Ramco

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