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Logistics companies are fully prepared to meet the challenges during the festive season demand

Logistics companies in the new era are expected to grow several times more than shipments due to the festive heat that stimulates demand for consumer products, industry executives say, and address challenges with measures such as capacity expansion and additional employment. I’m ready.

Due to aggressive demand during the festive season over the past few years, COVID-19 has further accelerated e-commerce adoption in all segments, including business-to-business (B2C), direct consumer (D2C), and business-to-business. .. Business (B2B), according to Xpressbees, an end-to-end logistics provider.

B2C Harsha Bhoi’s Chief Business Officer, Xpressbees, said the overall volume of the festive season will double or triple across the e-commerce market.

“Given that the economy is on track this year, we expect even higher peaks. In addition, more adoption in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and remote cities will make COVID-19 e-commerce. Further accelerates the overall adoption of. Delivery, “he added.

Bhoi added that he expects Xpressbees to ship up to 1.5 million times during peak festival rush days.

Another logistics start-up, Pickkr, which plans to employ 200 employees in multiple industries during the festival season, such as data science, operations and customer service, also expects demand to triple during this period.

“When the pandemic is postponed, rising consumer demand will add to the festive rush, which will lead to high orders for us.” Pickrr has already begun preparations to help e-commerce sellers. (Especially small businesses and D2C brands) will manage sales and order growth over the next few months, “said Pickkr co-founder Rhitiman Major.

He expects to see the D2C soar during this holiday season. Last year, the Diwali festival settled down in a pandemic, he added, “this year we have already begun to witness a significant rise in order volumes.”

He said the company expects monthly order volumes to exceed 3 million in the fourth quarter of 2021.

“We use advanced technology and algorithms to increase the efficiency of our logistics operations and reduce recovery time objectives (RTOs) by 2-3%, which has a significant positive impact on profits. “I will,” he added.

Pickrr Plus, an intelligent warehousing solution for start-ups, allows sellers to leverage their network of fulfillment centers to quickly deliver customer orders across India. He said the artificial intelligence-driven load analysis system would use previous sales data to accurately predict the inventory level required for each warehouse.

This effectively prevents inventory shortages / excesses during peak sales. He added that in addition to Pickrr Plus, its courier recommendation engine helps brands track shipments quickly by automatically optimizing the fastest deliveries at the most cost-effective prices. rice field.

Saahil Goel, Co-Founder and CEO of Shiprocket, said: Festival season. “

Sellers can choose a fulfillment service to manage these spikes and ensure one and two day delivery.

“The smart logistics management platform intelligently onboards part-time and freelance delivery executives, allowing such companies to use resources (drivers and vehicles),” said Soham Chokshi, founder and CEO of Shipsy. We will optimize rates and enable rapid expansion of deliveries. “

He said about 2 million shipments per day will be delivered using the Shipsy platform. “Given the festival season, that number is expected to increase.”

He added that online orders have increased since the pandemic broke out. “Therefore, retail, e-commerce, QSR (quick service restaurant), hyperlocal / grocery / on-demand, CEP (courier, express, parcel) were doing well during this period.”

He added that the company expects food and food deliveries to skyrocket. “We can also see more customers ordering higher value, larger items,” Chokshi added.

According to Bhoi of Expressbees, the peak on certain days during the festive season is three times the average shipment, based on one million shipments.

The company said it would gradually increase hiring a week or two ago based on sales events and train staff well before peak days. “We have a weekly recruitment plan that is closely monitored to make adjustments based on market conditions.”

He added that Xpressbees expects apparel, ashiofn, mobile and electronics to experience an unprecedented surge in demand (during this holiday season).

Unicommerce CEO Kapil Makija said this year was even more special and that life was back to normal under the grave impact of COVID-19. Despite the pandemic, last year’s festive season saw orders volume increase by 50-70% across multiple segments, Makhija said.

Unicommerce is a software as a service (SaaS) platform focused on e-commerce.

“We expect similar trends this year. During the 2020 festival season, the top three categories will be beauty and personal care, fashion and accessories, electronics and appliances, which we expect to drive e-commerce growth again this year. Will be … “He said.

Over the past year, many companies have adopted omni-channel solutions to streamline their operations and provide consumers with a seamless shopping experience, Makjija said.

In addition, “We expect a surge in orders from branded offline stores, which will allow businesses to ensure faster delivery and clear in-store inventory.

Logistics companies are fully prepared to meet the challenges during the festive season demand Logistics companies are fully prepared to meet the challenges during the festive season demand

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