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Logitech offers a well-designed assortment of gaming peripherals with wireless keyboards, gamepads, and a variety of headsets (such as Logitech G Pro X that were finally on the list of best gaming headsets). Is known for. These are usually praised by players around the world. ..

That was what I expected when I got the wireless Logitech G435. This colorful headset looked like another pair of sturdy cans. Midrange device enough to justify strong recommendations, even though it doesn’t have the most robust feature suite. Logitech G435 hasn’t fully achieved that goal. But most of the time, it gets the job done.

Logitech G435

Logitech G435 – Design and Features

The Logitech G435 has a discreet design. Modeled like the company’s other G-series headsets, it offers some of the same features, such as a soft memory foam cup, a lightweight frame, and adjustable earcups instead of an adjustable headband. .. It uses Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology to provide a low latency connection with a USB dongle. You also have the option of connecting to your mobile device via Bluetooth (more on this later).

In the sound category, the G435 sports 40mm drivers. The dual beamforming mic in the left cup replaces the common removable mic. It all works as intended. The driver allows for solid elevations, and the interior microphone does a great job of picking up the wearer’s voice in a noisy environment. The G435’s external features are limited to the power button, volume toggle, and mute button, all located above the USB-C charging port on the left earcup. There are few ways to adjust the sound other than using the settings on your PC or console.

In most cases, Logitech’s latest headsets sound familiar enough. Unfortunately, the G435 is different when it comes to durability. I’m reluctant to use the word “cheap” to describe it, but I found the headset to be very fragile during play. I am worried that the ear cups may break if dropped from an appropriate height. That said, I tested it, and the headset held up through repeated drops from my desk to the floor. But I’m still worried about long-term use. I’m also worried about moving the ear cups up and down. I’m not a fan of that design in general, but the G435 gets worse depending on how thin the bar that connects to the headband is. I tried to move it to ginger as much as possible so that the internal work would not be accidentally cracked and the slide mechanism would be broken.

Logitech G435 – Performance

Despite the fragile frame, I enjoyed most of the time with Logitech’s G435. The sound quality was good and the shooting and explosion were well represented. The twin mics were leaking here and there with a little background noise, but my friends could hear me every time I was playing a game. The lack of surround sound options didn’t compromise most experiences. Aliens: Fireteam Elite didn’t always pinpoint the exact direction of the approaching Xenomorph, but the game was a bit immersive in terms of sound.

All the buttons on the G435 worked as intended. I like how to raise an alert to notify you when you mute / unmute yourself. I was able to play for about 18 hours on a single charge. And forget about it when it comes to the G435’s 10-meter wireless range. I walked around the house (upper and lower floors) and never lost my connection.

As I said, my overall experience was good. However, there were some issues to mention. When the G435 connects to a PC and PS4, it quickly registers the USB dongle, but the Bluetooth feature couldn’t work on the phone. At least at first. There is no dedicated button to turn this feature on or off. The QR code displayed on the box containing the USB dongle and cable only displayed the message “404 page not found” on the Logitech website. I couldn’t get it to work until a Logitech rep explained that I could hold the power and mute buttons for 3 seconds to pair the headset with other devices (QR code / website when G435 boots). Will be updated).

Another issue is centered around comfort. The G435 foam ear cups are soft enough, but reduce the adjustability of the cup. They don’t move much, so I had to keep readjusting them to relieve the pressure they put on my ears. The cup slides up slightly between a match or two, so you’ll have to mess with the cup before you get back into play. Of course, the mileage is different here, but I think the bigger the plastic bar, the more room you have to move the cup. As they go further, they appear to stop at points that make them more susceptible to braking due to wear and sudden drops.

Logitech’s G435 sells for $ 79.99, which is a budget for midrange headsets. It doesn’t compete with wired headsets in that price range, but given that many of them have more features and connection modes ( Turtle Beach Recon 500), G435 offers a decent product in the wireless sector.

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