Loki Goods: The Key God of Naughty Comics Owned for Marvel Fans

Journey into mystery # 85 continued to develop the world and took Thor’s trickster brothers to Marvel U. This is a fairly simple Marvel Silver Age book with stupid plots and the stunning and bold imaginative art of King Kirby. Costumes and characters haven’t settled in the iconography yet, but you can find out what happens to Loki on these pages.

Journey into mystery # 85 is already collectible in large quantities and is only more valuable as the show makes him more popular, but it’s also an indelible part of the history of comics: Lee and Kirby really here in the world of Marvel Crank up, and you can see the green shoots of creativity and brilliance that make Kirby the best ever on some of these pages. If you’re lying for thousands of dollars, it’s-in addition to being Loki’s first appearance Journey into mystery # 85 is also the first appearance of Odin, Heimdall and Baldr. You’re thinking of spending at least $ 2,000 on copying, and probably several times that if you want it in a decent way.

Purchase Journey into mystery # 85 here.

Avengers # 1

A unique day has come, and that day set the stage for the Marvel Universe, as we know it. the Avengers # 1 is the true birth of the shared Marvel Comics world. It’s the first time Marvel’s character is no longer a guest performer in another book and has begun to exist just off the screen. And that’s all thanks to Loki. Imprisoned on the island of silence by his brothers, Loki uses their magic to deceive the world when the Hulk is rampaging. It brings together four new heroes in the world of Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Iron Man. These four agree to defeat the mischievous god in a team, throw him into a lead tank, and work together to move forward. And the rest was history.

the Avengers # 1 has always been very collectable, but it’s so popular that if you can’t afford to spend $ 30,000 on a genuine, high-quality copy of the 1960s, you have plenty of chances to get a copy. The book has been reprinted several times, most recently in 2016 with its original cover. And J. There is a convention-only reprint with Scott Campbell’s cover (sketch and color), which you can get for just $ 30.

Purchase Avengers (1963) # 1 here.

Loki Goods: The Key God of Naughty Comics Owned for Marvel Fans

https://www.denofgeek.com/comics/loki-collectibles-god-of-mischief-comics-for-marvel-fans/ Loki Goods: The Key God of Naughty Comics Owned for Marvel Fans

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