Loki’s breakout character, Lady Loki, has a history of loopy cartoons.

Loki I asked a question on Disney Plus last week and kicked off — who was this dangerous variant attacking the Time Variance Authority? — And a surprise. After all, it was nothing more than an alternative timeline version of Loki himself.

Loki’s second episode did not waste time exploring the mysteries of the series and revealing the rebellion.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Loki through episode 2.]

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At the end of the episode, a whole new character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe was revealed. This may have been a surprise to movie fans, but it was a very familiar twist to comic readers.A tricky Loki variant that is tinkering with the timeline to tease the Time Variance Authority Woman A version of Loki played by British actress Sophia di Martino (yesterday).

In other words, she is Lady Loki.

Who is Lady Loki?

Mrs. Loki reveals herself to Thor for the first time.

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Norse mythological Loki is famous for transforming and freely reinventing himself, but the Marvel Comics version of Loki has been surprisingly stagnant since his early appearance. Even in the entire Multiverse, Loki was a mustache-bearing villain, most often tending to devise meaningless plans born of intense jealousy of his brother. But by the early 2000s, the whole gimmick was a bit old.

Marvel Comics’ Loki’s increasingly boring villain has led to editorial and creative choices that have evolved him into an anti-hero rather than a complete villain, bringing new interest in the character. And most of that transformation is Mrs. Loki, who began the history of manga by stealing Schiff’s body straight. Mrs. Loki, who is as altruistic as Loki when she feels uplifted, was often as malicious as her early bitter and mean Loki.

A brief history when Loki was a woman

Sophia di Martino as Loki's Lady Loki.

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Marvel’s 2007 after the event of the stunning Ragnarok event Thor The ongoing book focused on finding the remaining Asgard people who survived the fall or were reborn in a new way. Meanwhile, Loki was reborn as a body for Mrs. Schiff, and wanted to use that body as her own, and Loki captured Schiff in the form of an elderly woman in hospice care and lost the power to stop her. By the fifth issue of the series, Mrs. Loki had informed Thor of her existence. Thor confused and upset him not because of Loki’s new form, but because of his complex history. And the whole fact that Loki helped bring Ragnarok first.

Mrs. Loki soon vowed never to lie again, but instead she was devoted to using her new tendencies to tell the truth in the same operational way. Like Thor, he won the trust of Boulder by telling him that he was Odin’s son, two gods formed an unstable and temporary alliance, but one was more to Loki by the association. Gained the trust of.

However, Loki was still Loki, and she always did not struggle with her ultimate goal of destroying Thor and occupying the position of Asgard’s ultimate ruler. And she still had many of Loki’s qualities, whether they were fine or terrible.

Mrs. Loki catches a snowflake, wears a horned circlet and a huge white fur coat, and makes an evil muse about her victory.

Image: J. Michael Straczynski, Olivier Coipel, Marco Juljevic / Marvel Comics

During 2008 Secret Invasion At the event, Lady Loki almost killed the fan’s favorite Alien Buddy of Thor Beta Ray Bill simply by claiming he was a disguised Skrull. Meanwhile, as a member of Norman Osborn’s secret supervillain society, Cabal, she gladly lifted many of his servants to death at dinner, then walked to his headquarters and negotiated with him. By starting, she proved her identity to Doctor Doom. Her plan is to trick Odin’s father Bol into a battle where Thor was forced to kill his grandfather to save the world, and then Loki would force Balder to expel Thor from Asgard. Prompted.

Loki eventually returned to being a man, but Mrs. Loki still appeared in many later Thor comics, but more like a cameo than the protagonist of Loki’s story.To Loki: Asgard AgentShe appears only for a very short time, as a troubled young Loki looking for reimbursement turns his older, more evil incarnation down. Asgard agent It was all about the first attempts our beloved antihero tried to erase his past sins, but eventually accepted them as part of his learning curve, a story rather than a god of lies. Rethinking myself as a god of. Confronting Mrs. Loki was the key to unleashing some of Loki’s greatest strengths and allowing him to be more heroic than ever.

She was out of the picture for a while, but Mrs. Loki’s impeccable style and keen wit made her a favorite of comic book readers. Loki When unfolded, she will probably be a favorite of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

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