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Lola’s technology center and windtunnel facility have been available since 2018, but now the brand itself, trademarks and technology archives are also available.

Lola designed and manufactured nearly 5,000 cars between 1958 and 2012, and was successful in many areas of motorsport, including endurance racing, IndyCar, Formula 5000, and junior single-seaters.

John Surtees took pole position and second place in F1 on Laura’s machine in 1962. Marche also offered single-make category cars such as the A1 GP and Formula 3000 since 1995, as well as MG touring cars.

Founder Eric Broadley ran Laura until 1997, when businessman and former racer Martin Villene bought it and invested in a new facility.

Although the factory closed its doors to race car production in 2012, the Lola name is modern through the ongoing service of the Lola Technical Center, which continues to provide windmill testing and related services to a small number of people. It continues to be part of motorsport. Race team and road vehicle manufacturer.

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According to Laura’s statement, “Martin Billene cherishes’All Laura’, and his family’s goal is the ambition and tenacity needed to write the next chapter in Laura’s glorious 62-year history. , Finding a motivated buyer.

“We recommend selling everything in one package, but consider selling the WindTunnel and Lola assets separately. The guide price is £ 7m.

“This opportunity is a genuine roller spare to restore the roller brand’s position in modern motorsport, provide third-party engineering services, and support thousands of roller cars that are still racing today. It is expected to be of interest to anyone looking to supply and build a continuation car, such as the production of the iconic Lola Mk1 and T70, Lola race cars and road-going supercars. “

In addition to the 10,500 sq ft Lola Technical Center and WindTunnel, this sale includes the Lola brand, its registered trademarks, an extensive drafting library, a variety of tools and equipment, windtunnel spares, and a 7-post chassis development rig. ..

It also includes a specialist tool with Roller restarted to produce small lots of T70 Mk3B continuation cars for historic racing.

Vincento Sospiri, Laura T97 / 30 Ford

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Lola Cars brand and technology assets for sale Lola Cars brand and technology assets for sale

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