Lonely Mountains: Downhill Update Released (Version 1.1.2), Patch Notes

Lonely Mountains: Downhill Update Released (Version 1.1.2), Patch Notes

Ervin posted news on Switch eShop on November 25, 2020

Megagon Industries has released Downhill, a new update for Lonely Mountains. This update fixes bugs and adds some new features. See the full patch notes below.

  • Major Bug Fixes: Fixed missing checkpoints on Trail 2 and removed unwanted checkpoints from Trail 1 on the menu map.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that claimed that Daily Ride rewards were only available after a reboot.
  • Functional changes: Daily Ride Unlock: Daily Ride is now unlocked only after the player has completed the first Graterhorn trail at least once in Explorer mode.
  • New: Daily Ride Description: The first time a player opens the Daily Ride menu, a description pop-up will appear.
  • What’s New: DLC Description: If the player has opened DLC Mountain for the first time and hasn’t played Graterhorn yet, a pop-up will appear recommending that you play the tutorial first.
  • New: Season length display: The remaining season lengths are now displayed on the season ranking screen.
  • Function change: Section best time display: Section best time display is no longer displayed during daily riding.
  • Function changes: Section delta display: The section delta time display (indicating whether the time has been improved) is no longer displayed on daily rides.
  • Function changes: Personal best time display: Removed the personal best time display on the checkpoint line for daily rides.
  • Functional changes: Reboot from checkpoint: Rebooting from the last checkpoint using the pause menu now counts as a crash.
  • Feature changes: Time remaining Feedback: A warning will be displayed if the player attempts to start a daily ride with less than 5 minutes remaining.
  • Bug fix: It rains on Eldfjall in hidden places: It now rains on hidden places as well.
  • Bug Fixes: Daily Ride Redmoor Obstacles: Fixed a bug where daily ride obstacles weren’t always the same in Redmoor.
  • Bug Fix: Fence: Fixed a bug that allowed players to glitch the fence.
  • Bug Fix: Name Entry Pop-up: Removed some legacy code that could fix a bug that caused the “Enter Name” pop-up to appear.
  • Functional changes: German localization: “Tägliche Fahrten” is now called “Tagesstrecken”
  • Bug fix: Removed “Start Ride” button when no challenge is available
  • Bug fix: English location: Fixed a syntax error in one of the bike descriptions
  • Improvement: Updated post-effects stack to the latest version
  • Improvements: Eldfjall’s slight level of redesign and polishing


Lonely Mountains: Downhill update out now (version 1.1.2), patch notes

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