Lonely survivors are getting extended remakes on Switch and PC

The hit 2012 2D horror game Lone Survivor has been expanded and improved in 2021. SuperLone Survivor was announced for PC and Switch, stating that the developer Super Flat Games has been completely rebuilt with a new engine.

Published in a new trailer, the game features a new scenario called “Ascending,” but we haven’t talked much about it yet. The PC version will now support gamepads and ultra-wide as well as 4K effects. The Switch version runs at 60fps.

The developers say they’re considering a difficulty mode, and although they’re not interested in making a sequel, they still want to revisit the game, so the ascending content is designed.

You can check the trailer made in the engine below.

Lone Survivor is a horror game about plague survivors, where you have to deal with not only monsters but also your own hunger and mental state. The game won 8.5 / 10 in GameSpot reviews. “Lone Survivor helps you remember what a quality game really is. It’s an emotionally captivating experience with lots of questions and imagination to ponder as you walk the day.” Critic Eric Neigher writes.

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