Looking back on 1995 and the worm’s unkillable genius

It’s a little old-fashioned worm.. As the owner of the Atari ST, I read all the Amiga magazines just because the game first hit the Amiga and our team eventually got them. Creating a wishlist of games that you can get when you arrive at ST is an envy. I remember the worm was one of them.

At that time, no one was actually talking about the worm. At least it wasn’t a positive approach. It’s important to understand that at that point Lemmings was only four years old and still a game everyone was playing. Few people played the worm. The consensus was that it was a clone of Lemmings. There is a team of animals that click to provide tools and weapons. Is there a level that is all on a 2D plane and can be generated from random seeds? Pssssh, give up, we already have it! And what’s cool about the worm?

If not Lemmings, the comparison was made with Canon feed. For the two years before the worm, Canon Fodor gave you a squad, gave you a name, and stabbed a dagger into your gut each time one of them died. They both had the same gallows humor for the war, but the Canon Fodor was there first and the worm didn’t say anything new. The only conversation about the worm was that it was a derivative.

As the worm says: “Idiot!”.

Fast-forwarding 25 years, the worm is thriving, but Lemmings and Canon Fodor have few mobile cash-ins in their names. They are still game milestones and don’t get me wrong. However, the worm has endured in a way that these two simply could not tolerate. And it’s worth noting to look back on how much everyone denied it.

It is also worth noting that most of that core has not changed. Sure, I’ve worked on 3D (Worms 3D is an underrated masterpiece, change my mind), Battle Royale, etc., but over and over again, it returns in the same turn-based multiplayer battle. I will come. See how they grew up with their peers, including Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Sonic. Worms are constant, and bazookas, homing missiles, and banana bombs are almost always present.

Worm banana bomb

In our opinion, there are many good reasons for that. The worm has never really benefited from the improvements and breakthroughs in PC specs that come with the new console. Being turn-based, speed and delay are not a factor. Beautiful and detailed worms are pointless as they zoom out to capture the entire battlefield. Most importantly, it is based on very simple physics. You throw something, and it hits or doesn’t hit.Ann Xbox Series X Console It won’t change that. All of this makes the worm an evergreen tree and makes it recognizable from console to console.favorite Bomberman And TetrisWe know that you can trust worm templates, and that it brings joy to the latest generation.

The worm also feels like a great leveler on the stadium. Sure, there’s still a high-skilled ceiling that allows players to master it (for this reason it’s often the best when the library of weapons is low), but novice players are still miraculous to thin out. You can pull off a bounce shot Opponents are the same as hardcore players can see cluster munitions returning to them at the wrong time. The match is full of these moments, and if you’ve played worms games, you probably have a lot of those memories.

That’s the core of what makes worms great. Each turn can be a mysterious trick shot or a snowball tragedy. Worms are not real-time, so everyone focuses on that order.It puts you in one hell on stage, as people do Willingly You succeed or fail, or at least do something memorable.

For games that were incorrectly labeled as derivatives, the worm also did a lot of innovation. Team customization was unrivaled, switching voices and names to your liking. The procedurally generated level meant that the environment could not be memorized and mastered, making things a little more leveled. And wonder if there is an Angry Birds without destructible levels and dangerous bazooka shots.

The worm rings

There’s something heartwarming to see Team17 and Worms celebrating their 25th anniversary. Worm sounds on PS5.. It was probably inevitable that the worm rumble would become an arena-based battle royale in real time in 2020, but there is still confidence that 2D worms will arrive in the immediate vicinity, regardless of whether the worm rumble was successful or not. , Loaded with sheep and banana bombs. And we buy it more than enough, and there are no words of regret.

And just a little, Team17. I also want some of those worm rumble on the Xbox.

Do you remember the worm? Did you dismiss it like us? Please leave a comment in the space below.

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Looking Back to 1995 and the unkillable genius of Worms

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