Looking Back on 2016 with Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster-The Origin of Evil

Dear reader, I would like to start with assumptions if possible. This means that you are at least half-familiar with the Resident Evil series. There are countless games, movies, and books tied to the dreaded universe, and many more will be released on the very close horizon.

But did you know that when the Humble GameCube was announced, Capcom hid behind a little box of joy with some very big guns? In other words, “Capcom Five” released exclusively for consoles.After all, it was free, thanks to the well-documented struggle of GameCube. Resident Evil 4 It remained exclusive, but it was still over in just a few months.

In addition to porting all the other main games in the series, Capcom also released Resident Evil Zero for the GameCube a few years after the Nintendo 64 began development. Set before the first game, it caused a nightmare experience of biohazard that promised players what to explain and teased.

You play as two characters in Resident Evil Zero (more on this later). They must work together to survive. Rebecca is a STARS police officer dispatched to investigate the Grizzly murder in the Arkray Mountains. While exploring the zombie-infested train, she hits Billy, a convicted murderer on the way to execution. Eventually they are thrown into the hellish world of zombies and leeches, all eager to lead you to a bloody end. Oh, and there’s a huge scorpion in a fair amount of mix.

Fast forward for over 13 years The game received HD remastered treatment, Along with the original, released on Xbox One. Of course, this included visual improvements in both character models and environmental details, as well as upgrades to support surround sound. Needless to say, the game looked beautiful and sharp after the makeover.

Resident Evil Zero Opinion 2

Not only this, both Easy Mode and Wesker Mode have been added to the game. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain what the former brought to the Resident Evil table, but in Wesker mode he was able to take advantage of his enhanced abilities to play as a villain in the series. But it also provided a lot of fun in the process.

Resident Evil Zero was more difficult than its predecessor, but this was no coincidence. Unlike the other games in the series, there was no item box to store the loot. Replacing them was the item drop mechanism, which made inventory selection even more difficult. As a result, you can easily step into situations where there is little firepower.

For example, when I encountered a second boss, the giant centipede, I immediately remember running out of ammo. The battle soon became nearly impossible and I was forced to go back quite a bit. Until then, we didn’t waste our weapons.

For me, this is one of the big differences from Resident Evil Zero, which is why it didn’t fit perfectly with the rest of the series. I was out of balance. Despite the usual combination of survival horror elements that we all expect from the series (puzzles, jumps, horrifying mutant animals trying to shred you), changes in how the game is played go against it. I did.

Resident Evil Zero Opinion 3

Along with the item changes, a real-time partner zapping system has been introduced. Yes, as I said earlier, in Resident Evil Zero, you play as two characters, Rebecca and Billy, at the same time. This is probably what the game is best known for, and at the same time its most disruptive aspect.

Personally, I don’t think Capcom did it well. Solving the puzzles together was a pretty clever experience, but cracks began to appear during the battle. Characters you weren’t in control often did direct harm and were too slow to react, sacrificing a lot of green herbs and ultimately both your lives. Not only this, but control has become accustomed to some extent, especially when trying to quickly respond to the imminent dangers lurking in every corner of the world of biohazard. The phrase “you are dead” has never been so frustrating.

I see Resident Evil Zero and the 2016 remaster are a bit different from the series. Black sheep if you do so. It tried a little different, and in the end, with limited success. HD remasters keep things organized and add a bit of sparkle, but they can’t address the root cause of game problems. It’s definitely worth a look for fans of the series, as there are fascinating stories waiting to be told. However, if you want to discover what’s behind the hype, it’s best to start the original game.

Please tell us your memories of Resident Evil Zero in the comments. Either in its original form or a 2016 remaster. The latter is available at. Xbox store..Feel free to Complete biohazard ranking piece You can also see: Zero hits the 7th spot on the list-do you agree?

Looking Back to 2016 with the Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster – Origins of Evil

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