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Adrian finished the weekend with a big win over Trinity. Photo by: Adrian Athletics

Adrian, who was ranked 3rd in the country in the Trinity Sunday confrontation, won a signed non-conference road victory over the Bantam team, which was ranked 10th for the match, without disappointment.

The bulldog beat Trinity Sunday 1-0, thanks to Matus Spodoniac’s first period goal.

Cameron Gray scored the remaining goals and scored a shutout victory with 35 saves. He made 17 of these saves in the third period and succeeded in five saves, so he was particularly clutched in the last three minutes of play.

Adrian’s victory took place shortly after Saturday’s 7-1 victory over Wesrian. The bulldog has won seven times in a row and is 6-1 away from home this season.

Balanced attacks carry trine to win

Brett Tierney was one of the five players to win the trine by defeating Buffalo State University 5-3 on Saturday.

Tierney scored a goal and assisted when Thunder improved to 7-3 during the season.

Garrett Hallford, Justin Marys, Hunter Payments and Jackson Clark also scored Thunder. Elias Sandholm made 15 saves, helped Trine win two games in a row, and got the job done with a goal. Trine is 4-1 at home this season.

Sabers high five

5 was Marian’s magic number that wiped out St. Olav over the weekend.

The Sabers scored five goals in each of the two wins, including a 5-4 win in overtime on Saturday’s finale. They won the opener 5-3.

Marian needed all the final goals he had on Saturday’s victory. After building a 4-0 lead, Oles rebounded, scoring four times in the last 10 minutes of the third period, forcing additional hockey.

Mason Ritchie confirmed that Marian was missing, but recorded a rebound at the 4:01 mark on the OT. That was his second goal of the season.

Marian held the edge 39-37 on the shot and Colby Muse saved 31 to win.

With two weekend wins, the Sabers’ winning streak will be extended to four games, improving to 5-3-1 during the season.

The green knight is still rolling

St. Noahbert won two big wins against Wisconsin-Eau Claire over the weekend, winning the series 4-3 and then finishing 6-1 on Sunday.

Two wins push their winning streak to six games. Saturday’s victory ends the stretch of playing 8 out of 9 on the street.

Brock Baker paved the way with two goals, pushing the season’s total to six goals, and Carter Hotman added goals and assists. Peter Bates also aggregates goals and assists and has six goals a year. Adam Stacho has achieved three assists for the Green Knights, who are now 7-3.

St. Noahbert held the advantage of 33-19 on the shot, and Colby Enz got 18 saves.

Pointer, Falcons play in a draw

Wisconsin-Stevens Point ended the match 3-3 after almost rallying to beat Concordia (Wisconsin) on Saturday.

Pointer scored two goals and scored three times a second to draw the match.

The Falcons jumped to the top 2-0 in the opening round, scoring two goals every 23 seconds. UW-Stevens Point finished third 3-2 before Concordia drew the match. Neither team scored in overtime. After the pointer defeats the Falcons 2-1 they will be tied.

Jordan Fader and Noah Finström both scored pointer goals and assists (6-3-1). EliBilling has made 30 saves. Bodidur scored 45 saves for the Falcons, who scored two goals from Jay Powell.

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Looking Back on the D-III West Hockey Weekend-College Hockey Looking Back on the D-III West Hockey Weekend-College Hockey

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