Looking back on the groovy battlefield of 2010 and Bad Company 2’s expansion into Vietnam

Quagmaia quickly pointed out in an episode of Family Guy, so there’s no excuse that games, movies, or anything in between featuring Vietnam don’t include a “lucky son” in the soundtrack. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s masterpiece is whenever I think of the time I spent (virtually) in Nam, and despite the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 expansion playing a total of 49 songs of the era. It’s still in my head, it’s hard for me to give it another name. Still, at least the shooting action is the same, isn’t it? Yes, yes, no. But come with me until 10 years ago to visit and explore the jungles of Southeast Asia.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam’s main thing is to rob one of my most important 100% completions. Bethesda did exactly the same thing with Skyrim, so I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy. Two months after 100% completion, they released a DLC that spoiled it. Bloody developers are expanding popular games by providing what they want to the public. Anyway, when I shifted back in time for Vietnam’s expansion at Bad Company 2, the learning curve started again with all the new weapons and vehicles introduced. Having become accustomed to flashy devices such as motion sensors and tanks with thermal scopes, they are likely to be assault rifles that look like their best friends tied up, or Huey helicopters that treat them like double-decker buses. We are back in a simple era. Sky. Well, when it comes to tanks, don’t get started.

In fact, let me get started.I loved tanks on a regular basis Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Spent really ridiculous time in them and also suffered an unhealthy amount of murder in them. In fact, I was prompted to look up my stats, and it tells me I spent 238 hours in tanks and got 10,400 kills on them. And even though I’m still playing, these stats haven’t been updated for years. Anyway, what happened when we returned to Vietnam, even a direct attack from the cannon, seemed to slow down the infantry filling my poor tank with RPG missiles, and the tank was very nervous. It seemed to be there. They couldn’t climb the hills or go through the fence for half the time, and honestly they felt a little wet. Still, running people has been as fun as ever, so not everything is bad.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Xbox

The big difference this time was the helicopter. Yes, the helicopter was singular. Because there was only one type and it was reserved for Americans. However, in the event of an enterprising Viet Cong sneaky, pointed skull, all bets were invalidated. The problem was how to handle the helicopter after flying it into the air. In the words of one of the Matrix movie pilots, the same thing applies here as she tries to fly a ship through a tunnel: “She has a fat ass!” Forget Apache’s sneaky strafing in modern multiplayer. Here, I had a hard time flying straight and arranging shots from rockets that hit other than “that field, over there!”. This was also Huey’s greatest weakness. If there was a Z that month, the rocket could kill people and blow up the tank, but you only needed one targeted tank shell to free you from misery. did. I loved shooting helicopters from the air. .. I was even able to get pretty good at RPGs, a skill I had never actually learned in the main game.

As a result, the expansion initially brought in 4 maps, 6 new vehicles, and 15 new weapons. This includes three for each subclass (Assault, Engineer, Sniper (or Reconnaissance), Medic) and three for everyone. Classes such as new pistols. The flamethrower also deserves special mention. It’s a 30-foot flame-firing gun, as if the enemy team had a weapon designed to stand a wheelie. Hiding in the undergrowth is useless now, Sniper!

Another outstanding vehicle for me was a tooth-armed PBR boat. It was also pretty cool to sit in the middle of the river and handle death with a huge onboard machine gun. The only problem is that if you were alone in the car, you couldn’t drive and shoot at the same time, so you were a little sitting duck. Getting a boat with a few friends was all a recipe for fun with a mic. Especially if one of the spawns is killed and needs to cross the river to escape. The fifth map, Operation Hastings, was to be released when the expanding global team’s actions reached some ridiculous resurrection or resupply, but instead DICE went to the player base. I decided to give it as a New Year’s gift early. Obviously, adding 25% of the map so far has been very much appreciated by fans, and the game received another shot from it.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam 2010

In other words, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam is a success. I enjoyed playing it and thanked the change to a simpler time where the gun was inaccurate and when I was surprised it seemed like there was more chance. Unless you’re seriously stepping on the enemy’s hallux valgus, trying to keep the gun at the target was a welcome task, especially with a small engineer’s machine gun. Tanks were hard to drive, even harder to keep going, helicopters were sucked in, and overall, it was a much harder game than Vanilla BFBC2. Maybe that meant I urged me to keep playing?

Still, these are my memories of returning to “Nam”, what about you guys? Did you play this way in 2010? Please let us know in the comments. If you didn’t play, play now. Xbox store.. You won’t regret it!

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Looking back to 2010 and the Groovy Battlefields of Bad Company 2’s Vietnam Expansion

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