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When I sit down and think about who Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘X-Factor will be on this weekend Detroit Lions The obvious answer was Sean Murphy Banting.

Originally from Michigan, he plays college football in Michigan and Bucks plays Lions in Michigan.

And if there’s a player you can use to get home, it’s Murphy Banting.

2020 wasn’t kind to the second year NFL cornerback. Still flashing moments of talent and athleticism that Bucks led him to draft in the second round of 2019 NFL draft In the first place, the weakness of SMB being defeated by hostile receivers seems to be being replaced more and more frequently.

Everyone loves excellent film research and player ratings. Jon Ledyard of the Pewter Report has successfully analyzed what bothers young cornerbacks, what he can do to correct the ship, and what the Buccaneers have to do. As they say, he can’t be “right.”

With the great work John did there, I wanted to focus more on the numbers here. The numbers are combined with the visuals to give a complete picture of what’s happening with this young Buccaneer’s Defender.

Of all the NFL’s defensive backs, Murphy Banting played 497 coverage snaps in 2020, the 55th highest in the league. It may not sound important, but remember that each NFL team has launched four defensive backs, and the coveted third cornerback has basically become a modern starter for professional football. Please.

He is also the 55th targeted and the quarterback has successfully connected to the wide receiver 36 times this year, allowing him the 23rd most completion.

The number of yards where the SMB surrendered is even higher, of which 513 yards are ranked 17th in the NFL’s defensive back.

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He is also allowed five touchdown passes, second in Thailand, with only one pass cut. Currently, 69 NFL defensive backs have more than one interception this season. This includes Bucs Safety Mike Edwards, who played 350 less coverage snaps than SMB.

Perhaps the most worrisome thing is that Murphy Banting has zero passes. He is one of the top 100 two defensive backs against unprotected targets.The other is Washington football teamOf Jimmy Moreland.

According to all this Sports information solution..

These are ugly numbers and fairly clearly show why many in Todd Bowles’ defense are starting to seek more Ross Cockrel.

But Carlton Davis III Atlanta Falcons And because it’s a game time decision for the Detroit Lions, the Buccaneers may have no choice but to play Murphy Bunting in an increased role rather than a reduced role.

From the way Bowles talked about his cornerback this week, I don’t think people who are waiting for more Cockrel will get their wishes right away. It’s not that CD III doesn’t come out at least in the 16th week.

But the numbers are bad, and so are the tapes. Matthew Stafford is one of the best in the league, even if his team’s results don’t show it. And he will know what we all know, and what Murphy Banting himself knows.

Sean Murphy Banting was a soft spot for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense in 2020. If the Detroit Lions defeat Bucks, they must take advantage of this fact to do so. That’s why he’s the X Factor for Week 16.

Check out Jon Ledyard’s film studies and breakdown. here..

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Looking for the Right Game Sean Murphy-Bunting is Bucs’ X Factor Looking for the Right Game Sean Murphy-Bunting is Bucs’ X Factor

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