Looks like Insurgency, according to retailers: Sandstorm arrives at the console in September

Riot: According to retail lists, Sandstorm is heading to the console in September.

A little later, it seems that New World Interactive will finally release a console version. Insurgency: Sandstorm This autumn.

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this is According to a tweet from Maximum Games, Focus Home Interactive, Bigben Interactive, Deep Silver, FunCom and many other publishers (Thanks, TSA). The company has posted a link to the retail site GAME, which has a September 29 release date on its booking page.

I sent an email to Focus Interactive about the release date of the listed consoles to make sure the date is not just a GAME placeholder. That said, GameStop in the US has also stopped the game for its September 29 release. Still, for safety, I wait for the official words from the publisher.

In July, developers released a closed console beta of team-based tactical FPS on the PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, and Xbox One. The closed beta is still open to the public, and information about when the open beta will arrive hasn’t surfaced, or at least we haven’t been able to find such information.

Initially we planned to release the game on PS4 and Xbox One in 2018, but the console version has been postponed to 2019. The console version was then pushed in the spring of 2020 and released in August in early 2020. Another delay.

The sequel to Insurgency, the game was released on PC in December 2018. If you’re interested in playing, check out the review called “One of the Best Multiplayer Games of the Year.”


Looks like Insurgency: Sandstorm will arrive on consoles in September, according to retail

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