Lord of the Rings actors and writers are trying to save JRR Tolkien’s house

The Lord of the Rings community is gathering to raise enough money for JRR Tolkien to buy the house that wrote Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. According to the project’s website, the goal is to turn a North Oxford home into a “non-dry” museum, but a “homely home that continues to be creative” and “a home program for people who can’t travel to Oxford. It has an attractive online presence to incorporate into.Middle-earth actors Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, John Rhys-Davies, and songwriter Annie Lennox participated in the shoot. Video explaining the details of fundraising activities..

The campaign was launched on December 2nd by novelist Julia Golding. According to Entertainment Weekly, she signed a contract with the homeowner and gave her three months to raise the money she needed to buy the home.

According to the donation page on the project’s website, about 6% of the $ 6 million goal was raised. Only $ 5.3 million is needed to buy the house itself, but additional money will be spent on repairing Tolkien’s garden, building hobbit holes, and creating a “Smaug hideout for pipe smokers.” ..

Tolkien lived at home from 1930 to 1947. According to the FAQ on the fundraising website, the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were written in the house, and Tolkien’s children grew up there.

Amazon The Lord of the Rings: All Actors Identified

90 years later, Middle-earth is one of the largest entertainment venues around. Amazon reportedly dropped $ 250 million just for the right to make a television series in Middle-earth, and is expected to spend more than $ 1 billion to make multiple seasons. This series will return to shooting after the COVID-19 shuts down.

It has also been reported that multiple Lord of the Rings characters from the movie will be part of the long-awaited show.Aside from the Lord of the Rings TV show, Gollum’s video games are coming soon. The game, entitled “The Lord of the Rings: Gollum,” is described as a stealth game mixed with Prince of Persia.

Petey Oneto is an freelance writer and is currently more excited about Gollum: Prince of Persia than anything else.


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