Lords Mobile Follows UFC x Lords Mobile at Lords Games Summer Event

It’s hard to decide who will win the battle between the UFC and Lords Mobile. An army of pixelated monsters, or some rocky flesh and blood humans? Fortunately, you don’t have to make that call. UFC x Lords Mobile It’s a collaboration event.

A sports franchise and game giant have partnered to present a ticket for UFC 265 to be held on August 7th in Houston, Texas.

For those of you who don’t know yet, UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. In this highly successful mixed martial arts contest, fighters from all disciplines fight in the Octagon, a terrifying eight-sided ring with wire mesh fences.

The UFC Fighter is one of the toughest and most paid athletes in the world. In the last 12 months alone, there have been headlines for broken legs, broken fingers, tears and countless knockouts.

Lords Mobile is a much safer entertainment. One of the most popular mobile MMOs of all time, this game trains your army with an army of fearless warriors, recruits heroes and barks commands.

Released in 2013, Lords Mobile has added a number of new modes and features since its launch, including a football-themed Lords Cup and a great tower defense mode called The Vergeway.

The toughest fighters such as Antonina Shevchenko, Caitlin Chokagian, Valentina Chevchenko and Joana Yedjezik are also enjoying the game and inviting fans to the guild. Lords Mobile also runs social media campaigns and pre-roll ads on its official UFC YouTube channel.

This collaboration is not only a new endeavor, but also a return to the community. New players can win $ 350 worth of prizes in-game and have the chance to win prizes after download. Event page..

The summer of sports is still going on. Lords Mobile is currently hosting the Lords Games event. This allows guilds to compete in several different road mobile modes, including Guild Fest, Road Cup, Guild Bash, and Kingdom Clash.

The top 10 players in each of the top 3 guilds will win physical prizes, and all other participating players will be able to win other in-game prizes in the glory of the movement.Please visit the official website and check out rule..

and, App Store, NS Google Play Store, also vapor Download Lords Mobile now.

Lords Mobile Follows Up UFC x Lords Mobile with a Lords Games Summer Event

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