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Orlando- Russell Westbrook Make up for his rude exit from Wednesday’s defeat Indiana By appearing ready to play in Los Angeles Lakers116-105 win magic On Friday, we will start a 6-game road trip.

“My job as a professional player is to keep finding ways to do my job and help influence the win,” Westbrook said with 18 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 Said after finishing in steel. “That’s all I was thinking and I tried to turn the page. That’s what I was trying to do tonight.”

Lakers coach Frank Vogel decided to sit in Westbrook for the last four minutes of losing to the Pacers as the point guard struggled with a 5-17 shoot knight and failed to defend. ..

“Russ had a really good basketball game,” Vogel said. “He was very focused, aggressive and efficient, and brought pure energy to the game. He just wanted to impose his will, play his part, and play the hell of the game. is.”

The Lakers went down 10 to Magic (8-39), who lives in the basement, but took third control with a 21-4 run to start the quarter.

Westbrook shot 17-8 and extended his winning streak to 10 games without scoring more than 20 points, according to data compiled by ESPN Stats & Information. Differences from the nature of those points.

“His attack is great,” he said. Lebron James, Scored 29 points and increased the winning streak in 16 consecutive games with 25 points or more. “I thought he did a great job of reaching the paint, either for shots or sprayouts. [to shooters].. And everyone just played with his energy and effort tonight. “

Carmelo AnthonyScored 23 points from the bench, Westbrook admitted to playing “at a more controlled pace.” Westbrook said his paint touch (by cutting a drive or off-ball to receive a feed near the hoop) helped the Lakers back to .500 (23-23) in a clear way. I said there is.

“Just paint and find a way to influence by doing it,” he said. “I’m constantly putting pressure on the defense, which I’m good at, so I think I can find a way to influence this team and give the guys a quick shot.”

For the team and their fans, Westbrook’s post-match comments focus on the inside and outside of the actual match, and as has happened frequently since he came, his overall fit and Lakers season. It was refreshing to hear that I didn’t focus on where I was going LA

“Russ is a man of high personality,” Vogel said. “We knew we would respond. Then we contacted to understand what was happening. We are just coaching to win the game. And the page And he did a great job. Its focus and we are all committed to getting this group to get the job done. We still believe we can do it. It’s bumpy all year round, but we’re committed. “

LA continues its longest road trip of the season on Sunday Miami And go to Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Charlotte When Atlanta..

“We started with a victory tonight,” Westbrook said. “Go to Miami and find a way to win and get out of it.

“But it’s a big journey for us. It’s a journey of good bond and unity for our group, and we can be a team by finding ways to win and create rhythm together. We are confident in our group that we can do it. We all know that it should be. “

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Los Angeles Lakers Russell Westbrook “turns the page” after standing on the bench in a powerful match Los Angeles Lakers Russell Westbrook “turns the page” after standing on the bench in a powerful match

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