Loss of the first series of Mad Golems Hand Team Secrets since June

Contrary to all possibilities, muddy has done the impossible. They just handed Team Secret the first series defeat since June 2020, ending Team Secret’s undefeated streak and pushing it down to the lower bracket of ESL One Germany 2020.

This is the third time Team Secret has been pushed down to the Lower Bracket in the last six months and the first defeat of over 20 series European giants.

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Mad Golem Brings Impossible Victory to Team Secrets

Game 1:

Mad Golem was one of the more unorthodox drafts we saw at ESL One Germany 2020 and dominated the first game in the series. Delivered by all players, it showed incredible tenacity to Team Secrets.

Fata worried about his immortality and raised the performance to ensure Mad Golem’s momentum towards the middle of the game. Mid-leaner Bora Nija controls the game from the middle of the game, always keeping three or more heroes in the Arena of Blood, giving the team a team fight advantage and allowing Mad Golems to increase their net worth lead. did.

As a result, Team Secret had to rely on Zai’s Enigma to turn the game around. However, the benefits and itemization of Mad Golem’s vision ensured that he was unable to get off the big black hole to change the game. With an overwhelming net worth lead of over 40,000, Mad Golem was able to take the title of Team Secret in Game 1.

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Game 2:

The second game was much more common, even though both teams succeeded in trading blows in the early mid game. However, FATA managed to surpass Team Secret, pulling away the sneaky Roshan and calling to win several games to defeat Team Secret later in the game, securing a 2-0 victory in the series. did.


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Team secrets are forced to navigate unfamiliar braces after they are lost. They will face an alliance in the BO3 Elimination Match. Team Secret has faced six alliances in the last six months, winning five of them.

Meanwhile, Mudgolems made a big statement at the biggest Dota 2 tournament. They have shown that they have one Dota 2 roster with the ability to compete with the best teams. They will face the winner of the Na’ matchup at the ESL One Germany 2020 Grand Finals spot.

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