Lost Ark plans a beta course and presents its monetization and currency plans

Korean MMORPG released by Amazon Lost Ark This week we published two documents for future players, addressing both How the upcoming closed beta will work Even as How the business model works..

The closed beta itself will run again on Steam. This time, it will start at noon EDT on November 4th and will run simultaneously on both NA and EU servers until the 11th. “You don’t have to worry about NDAs. Feel free to talk with your friends and share, record, or broadcast beta content and gameplay,” the company says.

“At the beginning of the closed beta test, we will run a few hours of load testing. During the first few hours, all players in the region will be sent to one world. The number of players logged in during the first load test. I want players to understand that cue time can occur in some cases. This is an intentional part of the test, and more players will be able to do it after the first few hours of the load test are complete. We’re expanding the world by going online and giving all closed beta participants quick access to Arkesia. “

Players can continue to sign up for the official website to get a chance to invite, or pre-order the game and auto-fill it. Playing in alpha earlier this year does not guarantee access to this round. Gamers will also want to take a look at the beta patch notes. According to Amazon, the closed beta includes striker classes, new prologues, 55 level caps and 100 expedition level caps, second awakening skills and quests for all classes, UI tweaks, tutorial content, and a huge dungeon. Contains slices. Zone content closed during the raid, and the previous alpha.

Players will also soon notice that the cash shop is unlocked with “partial products”. Its price and range “may change from now to launch.” There are scholarships for players to test the shop during the event. There is also a “Crystal Aura” that can be purchased, which is billed as a “premium service exclusively for Western users”. It’s basically a sub. Second blog post MonetizationIs a “totally free play game with optional in-game purchases, founders packs, and other bundles released with new content”, primarily with “convenience items” in the cash shop. Clarify.

It’s worth paying special attention to Smilegate and Amazon’s plans here. Companies have removed the hassle of temporary / rentable items and added the following gold-to-cash currency exchange: Guild Wars 2 To ensure that “all items will be available in in-game profitable currencies,” with a few exceptions (such as renaming). The studio also emphasizes that Crystal Aura Sub does not bring the benefits of pay-to-win.

Lost Ark Originally planned to be released this fall, Postponed to early 2022 last month.


Lost Ark plots a course for beta, lays out its monetization and currency plans

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