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Are you ready to go back to Kamurocho and embark on a new adventure in Isesaki Ichigamicho?

If you’ve experienced judgments or yakuza series before, you know that despite all the research you’ve done, you have time to rest from the research. Play retro classics!

Club SEGA Arcade naturally has many games, including some new titles. However, this time around, the hard-boiled protagonist Yagami will also be able to play master system games in the office and switch between these 8-bit marvelous Western and Japanese versions.

Here’s a breakdown of the games you can find throughout your adventure:


Space Harrier (1985) is an arcade shooter with Sega on a map. You are a Harrier and your mission is to defeat enemies, including giant dragons, while avoiding obstacles and enemy attacks.

Based on the success of the hang-on Super hang-on (1987) Did you fly a motorcycle in four difficulty classes divided into continental stages? Here, your enemy is time itself. If you plan to reach your next checkpoint, make sure you don’t get off the track or hit another racer.

Fantasy zone (1986) is a shooter (or actually “cute game up”) where the adorable spaceship Opa-Opa has to track and defeat bases and bosses at each stage. Don’t forget to upgrade your ship along your journey-don’t underestimate how tough your enemies can be.

Fighting Vipers (1995) Adding armor to the fighter roster brings a unique spin to the fighting game genre. If you attack the enemy enough, the enemy’s armor will explode, and if the final attack of the round is strong enough, you can also fire the enemy from the wall of the stage.

As part of Sonic’s 30NS Anniversary celebration, Sonic the Fighters (1996) Participating in Lost Judgment. From AM2, the creator of Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers, this 3D fighter has its own exaggerated cartoon style. It was also the debut game of polar bear bark and dynamite beans, which recently reappeared in Sonic Mania.

Futuristic bike racing simulator Motor raid (1997) Did you knock out your opponent to get ahead of the pack? This SEGA Model 2 game was offered to the arcade as a conversion kit for the Manx TT Super Bike at the time.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (2010) is an innovative fighting game that is impressive to this day. You can also play against 6 opponents and the last boss Dural in single player and fight your friends locally.If you enjoy this, be sure to check out Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown, Lost Judgment Remake with original dragon engine!

House of the Dead and zombie fans alike should keep an eye on the new arcade games. Hama of the dead This is DEAD’s KAMURO’s new take from the original judgment.

Master system

Alex Kidd in Miracle World (1986) Incorporated into many master system units and soon became the Alex Kidd Sega 8-bit mascot! Defeat blocks and enemies to defeat Rock-paper-scissors the Great and his minions.

Master system version Fantasy zone (1986) Slightly shrink the arcade version while preserving the original colorful quirks. This home version has two bosses that are different from the arcade release!

Penguins land (1987) is an action puzzle game where you have to avoid dangerous animals and safely bring fragile eggs home. Impressively, there is also a level editor for creating your own stage.

Quartet (1987) is a two-player version of the original four-player arcade, killing dangerous creatures and saving space colonies from certain collapses!

Enduro racer (1987) is a dirt bike racer that looks a little different from the arcade version thanks to the isometric projection. Please try the Japanese version of the game with 5 additional stages!

Woody pop (1987) You control a famous character who transforms into a brick-breaking hero as you travel through 50-level puzzle actions to defeat a mud machine. It was originally released only in US and European Game Gear!

of Maze Hunter 3-D (1988) You need to go through a series of mazes from a top-down perspective. The original game required SEGA3-D glasses, but you have the option to turn them off if needed.

Secret command (1986) is a top-down action shooter where you, Ashura, have to infiltrate a vast enemy base. You can also join a second player as a fellow Bishamon to make your life a little easier.

Master system (DLC game)

Sagaia (© TAITO CORP. 1986, 1992), also known as Darius II, two pilots respond to distress signals from their home planet, Darius. Take control of the Silverhawk Peacekeeper Ship and take on all kinds of fish enemies and save your civilization!

Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opaopa (1987) is set 10 years after the fantasy zone event. Opa-Opa needs to navigate the interconnected warp gates to protect the gates from the Black Heart.

Alien syndrome (1987) is the name of the deadly creature facing this port of the arcade top-down shooter. Ricky, can you rescue the hostages and escape in time?

Global defense (1987) is the home port of arcade shooting. SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative. Here, operate the satellite supercharged laser cannon to save the earth from enemy space missiles and satellites!

Lost Judgment will be available worldwide on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on September 24th. You can also pre-order Digital Deluxe or Digital Ultimate Edition to start action 3 days in advance on PlayStation Early Access starting September 21st.

The classic Sega games of Lost Judgment

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