LOTRO Legendarium: A glimpse of LOTRO’s 2021 plans

For quite some time, really for years, I joined a choir of voices that asked Standing Stone Games to talk more with their fans and improve their use of communication channels. This week, the studio actually stepped up and offered the kind of communication we’ve always wanted in the form of an hour-long Q & A session with executive producer Rob Ciccolini.

An hour of chatting doesn’t immediately make up for months of silence and communication failures, but what do you know? It’s a really good start. Ciccolini didn’t address all the pressing questions on the table or was completely satisfied with some topics, but worked on many topics and gave better insights into where they were. Gave me. Lord of the Rings Online It’s more advanced than we usually receive.

In today’s LOTRO Legendarium column, I would like to respond to some of the topics discussed, especially with regard to what we have learned. LOTRO Roadmap for 2021.

Communication and VIP treatment

Select “Good news or bad news first”. I always want to keep the bad news out of the way. Now let’s tackle two worries with the community that Ciccolini feels aren’t dealing well.

When asked about what the SSG would do to improve communication, Ciccolini mainly talked about snuffs about the War of the Three Peaks package details (hidden until the release date). That’s just one example, but the question was directed to a broader range of how SSG communicates, and there was no clear commitment or detail about how the studio could improve this. He touched around a few other examples, but the best answer may be the fact that he jumped into a live stream in November to answer community questions. If this shows how Ciccolini and SSG want to improve communication in the future, I’m (provisionally) encouraged.

Another disappointment with the Q & A was when the War of the Three Peaks pricing topic was taken up. This is especially true for subscribers who see this as a content pack that they were expected to buy (of course). Again, from his presence in this stream and his tone, it can be inferred that Ciccolini is fully aware of his dissatisfaction with the move, but he did not retreat or apologize. .. Instead, he redirected the conversation and promised that VIP players would see a clearer overview of more benefits and their perks in the future. And he also hinted that more “mini expansions” would be offered at similar prices.

Towards 2021

That said, we received an early producer’s letter on this stream, didn’t we?Usually we are waiting to get information about this year’s plans until spring RotoroHowever, Ciccolini is liberal and revealed throughout the stream.

In summary, there are many in the table next year. There is at least one or two updates before the expansion, including the mid-level zone (this is unusual for a method) Rotoro Was developed) and a level-agnostic “lost story” that offers alternative adventures through Middle-earth. Bingo boffin shade? If so, I’m 100% involved in this! In fact, I’m more excited than Gunbadad because of the lack of details on these updates.

By the way, Gundabad lags behind in the spring-autumn 2021 due to more work and the difficulty of developing from home. Brawler sounds like it’s included in this pack, but SSG deliberately obscures its details and its abilities. Ciccolini said the development of the new class was a tremendous effort and the team was very excited about it. After Gunda Bird, the River Hobbit Race should arrive (probably late 2021?).

Overall, this year is a solid year for content. LOTRO Output for the last few years. SSG needs to do a better job than marketing past updates, so we hope we can evoke far more excitement about Gunbadad than it does today.

Legendary servers and other miscellaneous

I loved listening to Ciccolini’s passion and tone during the stream.The manners of his cuffs impressed me with the studio executives who care RotoroIs trying to do its best in difficult situations and will not resent the player by asking difficult questions.

The fact that he was talking to us and answering questions that hadn’t been answered for a long time really emphasized how much SSG dropped the ball this year. One example here was some of the projects he mentioned in a producer’s letter last spring. The letter mentioned improvements to legendary items, new legendary servers, and topics that haven’t been publicly mentioned since. Now, thanks to this stream, the LI renewal is not yet understood and it turns out that the proposed fall legendary server will not come true (what is SSG in the world of the next special ruleset? I still understand what you want to do).

It’s good to get confirmation and explanation.It’s just frustrating Goodbye For this kind of thing. If Ciccolini or SSG, like many online games, makes monthly updates to keep players up to date on project progress and development changes, it’s very good to keep us all on the same page. It’s a long way to go.

We hope that SSG will sort out the technical issues and enable the long-needed transfer to the Old World. We also hope to include text scaling and UI improvements. These were discussed without a firm commitment.

Overall, the stream was a good start. Ultimately, it helped me find someone with the authority and knowledge to answer these questions. We encourage SSG to promote better communication. After all, players want to be on the side of the game they like. If all you need to do is a candid conversation, you need to prioritize it.

Every two weeks, LOTRO Legendarium explores the mysterious, terrifying, exciting, and legendary online world of Middle-earth (horrible stuff, those). Justin has been playing LOTRO since its launch in 2007! If you have a topic for this column, please send it to him at justin @

LOTRO Legendarium: Getting a glimpse of LOTRO’s 2021 plans

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