LOTRO Legendarium: Was LOTRO’s best deal ever?

When Lord of the Rings Online Launched for launch in early 2007, Turbine offered attractive deals to potential players.If they were willing to let go of $ 299 in advance ($ 199) LOTRO Founder), the studio flags their account as a lifetime subscription. In other words, you don’t have to worry about monthly charges after that.

Lifelong submarine selection was quite popular in the mid-to-late 2000s, and it has always been a daunting deal. For the studio, it was looking for a large upfront infusion of cash and bet that a significant portion of those mini whales who spent two Ben Franklin wouldn’t really take full advantage of that submarine. For a player who bought a lifetime sub for $ 299 and played for only six months, the turbine went up $ 209 and would otherwise not receive it from that player.

The deal had some other consequences for the studio. Players who invested in lifelong submarines also invested in the game and were strongly bound by the game. This meant that these players were more likely to continue playing and return frequently. And lifelong submarines can form the backbone of the population and serve as long-term evangelicals promoting the game to their friends.

From the player’s point of view, $ 299 was a significant investment, especially when the unproven MMO’s life began. Players had to be confident that the game would last, that they would be interested in the game for a long time, and that this would ultimately benefit them.

Calculate your stake with a simple calculation. Players with a $ 200 lifetime subscription must enjoy the game for at least 13 months to the break-even point, but a $ 300 lifetime sub means that the same break-even point will take 20 months. I will. At least at first, it probably seemed like a long time to start enjoying the game effectively for free.

However, keep in mind that in 2007, the MMORPG industry was deeply involved in the idea of ​​subscriptions only. Almost all online games require monthly subs, and players struggling with cash flow felt that they had cut off payments for multiple subs with only the option to bounce to another title in the same 30 days.Lifelong submarines of the time created that opportunity and offered more options to players while reducing the mental pressure of having to play. LOTRO Justify the monthly submarine.

In other words, lifetime insurance was studio short-term insurance and player long-term insurance. The longer the game lasted and the more lifelong players used it, the more Turbine’s prepayment plunge was reduced by the months of potential income it had to abandon. I got the value.

Lifetime subscriptions gained value in the fall of 2010, when the game became free to play. Now, the package isn’t just granting access, it’s opening up many doors that everyone at the time was granting access to, but the F2P crowd had to pay to get through. All content (except extensions) has been unlocked and many small benefits and bonuses have been granted to these accounts, including monthly store currency benefits.

2 years to confirm ROI of lifetime subscription at start LOTRO It may seem like a very long life, but after more than 13 years of operation, it ends in an instant. Players who purchased a lifetime sub in 2007 had received a virtually free monthly subscription by 2009 — and for the next 11 years.It turned out to be a great deal LOTRO A long-term player that this MMO had more than others.

In fact, a monthly benefit of 500 points meant that the Smart Lifetime Subbar could save those points and use them to buy expansion packs for free. This meant that Turbine / SSG was separated from the two sources of revenue from this crowd, making it even more difficult to withdraw cash from players who simply didn’t have to pay for content.

The studio reaction was to try different ways to break and open a lifelong wallet. There was an appeal to cosmetics and home items, but soon more “whey” options began to emerge: expensive extended pre-order packages with exclusive bonuses, premium homes, and 2020. “Mini expansion” that was not possible at the time will be purchased with points until a date long after.

Never heard LOTRO Developers are openly discussing how they and the entire studio feel about a lifelong submarine, but while they’re happy that people have been stuck for a long time, they do it without an expiration date. You may regret having installed it. There’s a slice of the current player who isn’t even a subscription payment candidate — no one knows how big or small — and it needs to be grated.

But I’m not here to defend the studio. I’ve been holding a sub for 10 years and I’m pretty happy with what it has provided to me.It certainly helped me stay interested LOTRO Much longer than if I weren’t, and when I think about how much value I’ve ever gained from it (and may continue to do so), there’s a particular glow it gives me ..

I’m worried to see SSG trying to circumvent subscriptions. This was already explained in the previous column. But in general, this is one of the rare cases where a lifetime subscription didn’t scam players, but gave them a deal — would I say that? – lifetime.

Every two weeks, LOTRO Legendarium explores the mysterious, horrifying, exciting, and legendary online world of Middle-earth (horrible ones, those). Justin has been playing LOTRO since its launch in 2007! If you have a topic for this column, please send it to him at justin @

LOTRO Legendarium: Was LOTRO’s lifetime sub the best deal ever?

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