Lots of goodies available under the survival 3rd anniversary rules

The Rules of Survival, a brilliant battle royale game, is celebrating its third anniversary and is delivering a plethora of new content towards a loyal player base. Now there is a game that knows how to have a party.

The anniversary event lasts for three weeks, so if you want to get the most out of it, be sure to attend. If you check in during the event, you can carry up to 240 diamonds in your bag. And you also have the chance to win a permanent 3rd Anniversary Helmet and Backpack.

Want more? There is some limited-time gameplay content in the form of cruise airships, treasure hunts, and mystery jigsaws. Play these to earn special ROSversary coins that allow you to participate in draws and earn skins. Meet the Four Symbols and win a Goody Bag. Every player has 5 chances to win the complete set of four symbol skins.

Apparently you can also barn dance with your friends, and survivors will receive up to 40% rebates on the purchase and consumption of ROSversary and Diamond during the 3-week event.

In addition to that, the game also presents 100 free diamonds. How do you insist on them? Easy.Click here to enter the code edxf747e7d And you will have them. But I only have it until December 2nd, so it’s best to make it earlier.

Click here to get Rules of Survival from the Google Play Store.

Plenty of Goodies Available in Rules of Survival’s Third Anniversary Celebrations

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