Lots of new Sonic games and events revealed

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega hosted the first ever “Sonic Central” live stream event and aired on its official website. Sonic the hedgehog YouTube and Twitch channels. At the commemorative event, Sega unveiled many upcoming entertainment experiences in which Blue Blur himself will appear. Stream started with the creators of the next Netflix animated series. Sonic PrimeSega announced on June 23 that it will be hosting a live orchestra event featuring the music of Sonic games over the last 30 years to commemorate Sonic’s 30th anniversary. Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live! June 10, Special guest appearance by Crush 40 and Tomoya Ohtani.

Following the opening segment, Sega jumped into the media that was the beginning of everything, and this year made a number of supersonic gaming-related announcements that will bring Blue Blur to the next console, PC, and mobile experience.

  • Sonic Colors: Ultimate & Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisp: Sega revealed Sonic Colors: UltimateIs a 2010 adrenaline full-blown remaster of the popular platformer. Sonic colors, Here with a colorful debut trailer.

  • Sonic Colors: Ultimate Will be released on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in both digital and physical versions, and will only be released digitally on PC via the Epic Game Store on September 7, 2021. is. Fans can pre-order. Sonic Colors: Ultimate Today you will receive exclusive “Baby Sonic” keychains and other bonus items here. In addition, Sega released the teaser of the two-part anime series, Sonic Colors: The Rise of WispThe first short animation featuring voice actors, including complete lines and the return of legendary Sonic voice actor Roger Craig Smith.

  • Sonic origin: Sega is working on a new compiled series that includes: Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles as well as Sonic CDFans looking for a nostalgic gameplay experience can check out these classic hits for non-stop sonic action and fresh content. Details will be released soon.

  • NewSonic Team Games: Get ready for a new journey with the next flagship Sonic title from the team that brought you, Sonic Team. Sonic Generations And Sonic force..

  • Tokyo 2020: Sonic is heading for the Olympics! Dress up your avatar in Sonic and compete in 18 fun Olympic events. Tokyo 2020 Olympics-Official Video Game ™It will be available on all platforms on June 22nd and can be pre-ordered today.
  • Platform expansion: Sonic is more available this year Sonic mania And Team Sonic Racing Now available on Amazon Luna. Also, from June 1st Sonic force, Team Sonic Racing And Sonic mania Appeared on PlayStation Now!And the following month, June 24th Sonic mania Available at the Epic Game Store.

  • Mobile game special event: Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle Mobile has acquired a very special character, players can use the power of Chaos Emerald to enter the battle as Super Sonic, and a private race will be held later this year as part of a limited-time event.To Sonic dash, Players can join a special pirate-themed party, unlock Pirate Sonic and Captain Shadow, and collect other prizes along the way. Sonic racing Incorporates a classic feel, with classic characters, cars, three new tracks in the Classic Zone, and a remix of an old school. Finally, this October, Warehog prepares for the oncoming horror. Sonic force And Sonic dash. Wait for his arrival around Halloween and unleash your power!

In addition, to commemorate the 30th anniversary, Sonic will make a special appearance in several other games, including:

  • Two-point hospital: Build your hospital from nothing to a masterpiece. This time around, we’ve got Sonic’s in-game items, character customization options, and hospital decorations. To commemorate Sonic’s 30th Anniversary, staff costumes will be exchanged and items will be available for free in-game on July 22nd.

But there are more ways to celebrate! Sega has announced a lineup of commemorative goods to commemorate the 30th anniversary that Sonic fans can use for a long time.

  • Licensed product: Sega works with strong list partners throughout the year to create new Sonic products, including exciting items such as JAKS Pacific Inc.’s Giant Eggman Robot Playset, Dark Horse Full Color Hardcover Sonic Encyclopedia. As part of Sonic’s 30th Anniversary, IDW will release a special 80-page super-sized comic book featuring three stories of colorful heroes and sneaky Anniversary gold and silver coins will be released from APMEX this year as well. You can get the assets here.

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Loads of New Sonic Games and Events Revealed

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