Lotus Reverie: First Nexus Now Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Lotus Reverie is a visual novel focused on time management. In a limited amount of time, build bonds with other survival games and unravel the mysteries of this world in this survival game where only one pair remains. One day a sudden incident occurred and almost all citizens disappeared by unknown means. In the chaos, two major changes have collapsed in their lives. First, Tulpa came to exist. These beings look and act like others, but are born out of the subconscious of another human being called the host, and their lives are linked in several different ways: Tulpa looks human. However, they cannot die by ordinary means, but instead, their lifespan is very limited. When the human host dies, so does Tulpa. The reverse is also true. For this reason, if you want to live, you are forced to cooperate with each other. The only way to extend their life is to fight and kill another Tulpa and their host in a duel. This is the only moment when Tulpa loses its immortality and becomes vulnerable. Second, in the center of the city, a huge monolith appeared soaring to the eye. The monolith has six rules engraved on it, and only one is clear. It means that only one person and his Tulpa will survive. The main character in this story is Cinque, a girl who has no memory of appearing in front of the castle one night. Barricades inside are an alliance of survivors who help each other from external dangers. As the latest member of the castle, Cinque begins her own particular daily life and wants to know more about the incident, her castle companions, and her own life and memories. Many of them manifest themselves as strong hallucinations, the line between fantasy and reality. Cinque can decide what to do at any time while enjoying a happy and peaceful life in the castle, but she needs to be careful. No matter how peaceful it may seem, everything can be destroyed at any time. Be prepared for what comes while trying to remember who you are. Cinque decides which scene to play. She plays the main scene to advance the story, plays the secondary scene to better understand other characters, explores and explores the world, trains and studies, and skills that can be used in combat. You can increase the number of spells. Your actions and decisions allow you to restore your memory as you progress, unleash new battle styles and spells, and uncover the folklore and mysteries surrounding the incident. However, please note that the tension in the castle will increase over time, and if it gets too high, the game will be over. Regain as much memory as you can and get to know as many other characters as you can in a limited amount of time. However, sometimes you have to fight, and there are three different ways to experience it. Novel mode: For those who just want to enjoy the story. You don’t have to worry about training or studying to read the fight and improve your abilities. Battle Mode: For those who like to protect themselves. Enjoy the new Parallel Strategy System mini-games and work hard to train and learn to stay keen. Mixed mode: For those who want to experience everything. You fight and read them after you win. The new parallel strategy system is a turn-based strategy battle mini-game where turns occur at the same time. Once both you and the enemy’s AI have pre-selected your turn and are ready, your unit will move on its own according to your previous plan. Plan ahead and guess what your enemies are doing. The story contains all the tips you need to succeed in battle and survive another day.

Lotus Reverie: First Nexus Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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