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The best spy novels are often written by spies themselves (John Le Carré, Graham Greene, Ian Fleming, Joe Weissberg, etc.). This is not just an example of an old maxim, as the life of a spy is inevitably intertwined with the creation of fiction itself. The best spy novelists were arguably good spies. Because they were able to create false but credible plans and stories, persuade meticulously created deceptive enemies, and harness their imagination.

Operation MincemeatNew movie from NetflixIs perfect for exploring this fascinating dynamics.The movie certainly relates to a nominal mission-impossible developed by British intelligence. During World War IIWith a touch of romance, and with great acting, beautiful production design, and some careful plots. Nevertheless, Operation Mincemeat In reality, it’s about the reality of fiction and war, the relationship between spies and the people below them.

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Operation Mincemeat is a fiction about reality and vice versa.

Its very opening informs the viewer of this and identifies it Operation Mincemeat In many respects, it’s a meditation about storytelling itself, and a meditation about the fiction underneath reality (and vice versa). “Any story, if it’s a good story, has something to see and hide. This is especially true for the story of war. There is the war we see, the battle between bombs and bullets,” but an important voice. Narration begins. “But in parallel with this war, another war broke out, with shades of gray battlefields of temptation, deception, and malice. Participants are strange. They rarely look, fiction and reality It’s blurry. “

These words are the author behind Agent 007 (because it was born by a typewriter clickcrack) and Many James Bond movies.. Fleming was part of the actual Operation Mincemeat in 1943. In the movie, he strangely sees the wheels in the author’s mind spinning visibly.He is not the only master of fiction in an array of spies, secretaries, and secretaries Operation Mincemeat.. In fact, the protagonist is essentially spending the film on fiction, except that this storytelling saves thousands of lives.

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Early scene Operation Mincemeat I found intelligence officer Yuen Montagu reading aloud to his son from one of the great spy novels (and Alfred Hitchcock’s movie). 39 stepsDefinitely created a modern spy thriller. At the same time that the Allies planned to attack the Nazis through Sicily, which was heavily strengthened by the German army at the time, Montag was conducting a deception operation with Charles Chormondelli. .. Montag and his team plan to attack Greece and Sardenha instead by the Allies to separate the Germans from Sicily to create a safe space for proper aggression. I wanted to create a trick to convince the military.

The “real” story of Operation Minced Meat and World War II

To do this, a plan was created that relied on carefully crafted fiction, as well as accidental stupid luck and cunning espionage. The deception involved the corpse of a military officer with confidential information being launched on a neutral Spanish coast and intercepted by the Nazis. The corpse will carry information about the Allied invasion through Greece. Of course, this was all a feint-everything was staged, from fake documents to real British officers. Instead, intelligence personnel found the drowned body and created a detailed fictional inside story to make the man look like a legitimate officer with accurate information.

To do this, the British team basically formed a writer’s room, suggested ideas, and guessed who this fictional officer was.The best part of Operation Mincemeat It’s an extended scene where Montag and his team’s woman, Jean Leslie, use their extensive knowledge and passion for spy fiction to work together on ideas.They gather at a bar in England during the war to walk down a curfew and a dark street due to a power outage and discuss who this fictional soldier is inventing for spies. — — Who is his family, what is his mission, and who did he fall in love with?

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The most romantic aspect of the film is that Montag and Leslie combine shared intelligence (of spy and spy fiction) to create this story, almost enthusiastically inserting it as the fictional character they are creating. Operation Mincemeat Do this without doing Meta movieIt’s still a traditional screenplay movie, but it’s a unique pleasure to see fictional characters investing and interested in their own fictional characters. This is a spy movie that loves spy fiction.

Cast and crew of Operation Minced Meat

Outside of this neat approach Operation Mincemeat There are quite a lot of movies. Michelle Ashford, who specializes in historical drama, writes the script efficiently ( pacific ocean And development Masters of sex) And was directed by John Madden’s typical (but fairly bland) polish. Madden’s films can benefit from the excitement of his same-named, vibrant and noisy late director John Madden at the NFL.his Exotic Marigold Hotel movie, Debt, Miss SloanWhen Shakespeare in love All are good enough, and his work is often a bit dull in that it adheres strictly to traditional filmmaking, and again there is no difference.

With Kelly Macdonald Colin Firth’s performance Despite the British setting of a slightly corridor, stiff upper lip (as Leslie and Montag, respectively), it stands out. Matthew McFayden is also very good as Charles and is good at his exhibition of both injured pride and barely contained passion.It should be really fun to see him play John Future Spy Mini Series Stone House..

Operation Mincemeat A very sophisticated piece, everything looks great — — The movie somehow looks bigger than it really is and actually feels like a spectacular British war movie when mostly done in tight, tight spaces. The story itself is one of the stranger moments than intelligence and fiction in military history. ArgoIf that isn’t true, it’s almost unbelievable.

This in itself proves some of the points Operation Mincemeat, That fiction is completely necessary. Not only is an individual finding hope and prospering in a painful world, but it is also important for military victory and history itself. They say that “life imitates art,” but it’s actually much more symbiotic than that. Life imitates art, and reality relies on fiction as long as the opposite is true.That’s the best thing Operation MincemeatAnd may help the audience better understand the fiction they consume on a regular basis (such as James Bond). Operation Mincemeat Currently streaming on Netflix.

Netflix’s Operation Mincemeat trailer has British soldiers using trickery to fool the Nazi army

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