Low poly animals are the best

You’re there, you’re playing a game, and you run away by a distant bird without thinking about it. However, it is very likely that the bird you ran is just a few simple textured polygons pretending to be birds. Still it worked.

Back in october A new Twitter account has popped up. @Lowpolyanimals Great, and you should follow it. Sadly, as a fan of low poly animals, I just discovered this account. But now I’m crazy about it and all the wonderful creatures it shares.

Look at the mouse above. With so few polygons and some very large, you can easily count polygons without having to open an editor or look at model details. Its legs are mostly long, thin triangles, with a rough skin-like texture all over them. Still, you, me, your dad, a random person online, and anyone else can tell you what this is. It’s a mouse.

Isn’t it magic? I think so.Here’s another great example: Birds from Mario 64DS.

Again, it lacks more detail than the mouse above, but it’s clearly a bird. It wonders to me: how far can you go? How many polygons and textures can be removed before a low polygon animal looks like a square or triangle instead of an animal?

From these shrimp Runescape Perhaps we are approaching a point where it no longer looks like a living thing and begins to look like an amorphous mass of digital clay. But even with very few polygons and details, they still look like shrimp. It may take some time to reach that conclusion.

A few days ago, I was playing Halo reach With Xbox Series X. The new machine looks better than ever! Then, around the corner, a lonely low polylat appeared. Unlike how historical mice have ever moved, it just slipped around the floor. Still, with very few polygons, low resolution textures, and no animation, I was able to get a quick idea of ​​what it was. That is the true beauty of low-polygon animals. You don’t need much to sell people with objects that are animals. This is essentially a digital form of shadow puppets. People who rarely use it to make dogs, horses and birds. And if you do it right, you can convince people that it’s actually an animal that has been given movement by sticking together some random shapes.

Someone smarter than me can probably dig into it and come up with something poetic or meaningful. I? I’m crazy about the low poly mice, birds and bugs that appear in both old and new games.And if you too, you should probably obey

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