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Luang wins 2021 USEPA Smartway® Excellence Award

Des Moines, Iowa (November 2, 2021) – Ruan, a premier provider of integrated supply chain solutions, today announced that it has been selected as a recipient of the 2021 SmartWay® Excellence Award for its outstanding environmental performance and leadership. bottom. The SmartWay Excellence Award is presented to the best performing SmartWay partners and is the highest rated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for demonstrating leadership in cargo, supply chain, energy, and environmental performance. Luang is one of the 62 truck and multimodal carriers that have made this distinction and represents the best environmental performer of SmartWay’s approximately 4,000 partners.

This is the fifth time Luang has received this distinction from the EPA. In addition, Luang has been recognized by many trade magazines for its commitment to sustainability. These approvals are the result of numerous ongoing efforts by Ruan to remain a leading green 3PL provider. Luang’s fleet includes auxiliary power units that reduce engine idle time, efficient progressive shifts, self-inflating trailer tire systems, MPG, over RPM, idle time, hard braking, onboard recorders to monitor overspeed drive, etc. It has the green specifications of. Ruan utilizes alternative fuel types such as biodiesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), renewable natural gas (RNG) and renewable hydrocarbon diesel. Since launching the CNG program in 2011, we have driven more than 160 CNG trucks that have recorded well over 100 million miles of natural gas power generation, including 80 million miles of renewable natural gas. Ruan has also added fully electric yard tractors, straight trucks and day cab tractors to the fleet.

Luang will continue to contribute to the partnership’s savings of 335 million barrels of oil, $ 44.8 billion in fuel costs and more than 145 million tonnes of air pollutants. This is equivalent to the annual electricity used to power 21 million households.

“The Luang team is proud of this striking difference from the EPA. Brad Göring, Vice President of Fleet Services at Luang, said:“ We are our customers and we are. We promise to be a great partner in the community we live in and run, which speaks to our dedication. ”

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About Luang

Founded in 1932, Ruan is a family-owned transportation management company that offers dedicated contract transportation, controlled transportation, value-added warehousing, and intermediary support services. Ruan uses a comprehensive Megasafe Safety Program to guide training and overall field safety operations. Luang proudly employs 5,600 team members in more than 300 businesses nationwide. For more information on Ruan, please visit

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Luang wins 2021 USEPA Smartway® Excellence Award Luang wins 2021 USEPA Smartway® Excellence Award

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